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Tanaka Koki 田中聖 ( Koki Tanaka )

NameTanaka Koki
JPop GroupKat-tun
Star SignScorpio
Birthday05 November 1985
Blood TypeB

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Filmography (9)
Ooku ~ Tanjou [2012]
大奥 ~誕生~
Hissatsu Shigotonin 2009 [2009]
Ren (ep. 13-22)
Tokkyu Tanaka 3 Go [2007]
Tanaka Ichiro
Byakkotai [2007]
Tatta Hitotsu no Koi [2006]
Kusano Kou
My Boss, My Hero [2006]
Manabe Kazuya
Kyuuketsuki Densetsu Satsujin Jiken Special [2005]
Kindaichi shonen no Jikenbo (2005) [2005]
Never Land [2001]
Iwatsuki Shigehisa

Users who voted for this artiste (30)
1. twentytrees
he acted really well in neverland. though the show is a little boring. i think he made it rather interesting. :P sad that he only appear for the first half of the show though.

hope he will be given more chances to act in the future.
2. Toni kun
I love Koki_kun becaue:
1) He is one of the most sexy one in KAT-TUN
2) I just love the way he acts..
I would really love to see him in more doramas I think that would be great....

All right Later..
3. html_ellie
omg...koki is so hott..ii mean sure he kinda look scary but hey thats wat makes hiim hott....esp. on real face pv..he looked so hott
4. Masuda_Takahisa_Lover
He is my 1st fav in KAT-TUN can sign/rap/flips/dance anything he can do he is just all around awesome!!!
5. uni_hana
I loved him in the KAT-TUN live dvd. He's a good performer. And he's cute too. Bonus points. {^_^}
6. Rin-chan
In my opinion, he's the sexiest guy in the KAT-TUN group and a really good singer and actor
7. eve-il
I love them dorky. Tough on the outside, but a big teddy bear on the inside. I love that.
8. leigh1381
hahaha...koki-kun love him as part of KAT-TUN and even more in tatta hitotsu no koi......
9. wakitinha
I love that guy.... he is beautiful... talented.... kind..... oh it is everything....
10. PrInCeSsLyN
He's just too sexy to be true...and I love his voice and also his style...*sigh*
11. cold_jade
Great performer, but hope he gets more dramas...! And I love him in MBMH. ^^b
12. kUsAnOzAQT
I love his style, and hes really cute to me since hes such a rebel~!
13. ja yakusoku
i donno, his rapping is nice! ehh, i have no idea but i like him xDD
14. Yama-Yama-YamaP
An great and funny actor lol
and a great rapper and singer too XD
15. Govi
i just love Kou-chan soooo much.... he is teddy bear of KAT-TUN ^^
16. johnnysjr
koki don't have many drama...
but i very like him when his sing!
17. linda100
I love Koki! He's my fav in KAT-TUN! The best rapper in JE~! =D
18. kizi180
he is funny i like him he is in kat tun right
19. munakiut
Funny man without need to say a word
20. ikitteru
super funny in My boss my hero
21. casi
Very good actor and very cute
22. nicki
cause he�Ls so cute in MBMH!
23. ikuta_kumiko
koki!! luv him!! suki desu~~
24. amalcool
good at rap..
good actor..
25. candygurl
he's sugoi and very funny
26. roosterang
27. mystewpig
28. chiba
29. danicz24
30. memory_moua