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Nanami Hinata 日向 ななみ ( Hinata Nanami )

NameNanami Hinata
日向 ななみ
Talent AgencyKen-On
Star SignVirgo
Birthday09 September 1997
Blood TypeA

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Filmography (8)
Himitsu [2010]
Kajikawa Itsumi
Otomen [2009]
young Ryo
Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshitachi Season 2 [2007]
Young Saitou Haruka (Episode 2)
Gal Cir [2006]
モモ (8)
Ai no Uta [2005]
Kataoka Aki
Hotman Season 2 [2004]
Furiya Nanami
降矢七海 (7)
Okusama wa Majo [2004]
Matsui Tsubasa (epi 10 & 11)
Hotman [2003]
Furiya Nanami (4)

Users who voted for this artiste (23)
1. bunnikawaii
Kawaii!!!!! She's a good actress. For being so young, she's got a lot of talent. I would love to have a daughter with a loving personality like Nanami, her character in Hotman. Makes you want to have kids.....
2. blackstar
she's an adorable little girl.. very talented and cute.. she is definetely gonna be one bright star in the future..
3. hesoman
kawaii! she made this show. this 4 year old little girl has soo much charisma and talent!
4. godai-san
Nanami! She's so kawaii! Super-adorable in Hotman! Acted very well for someone so young!
5. bcboyz
Ya man! She's truly amazing!!! Haha. So cute!!!! (bcgurl, u r here too?) Lol.
6. Replicant
Great in both Hotman dramas! I wanna see her grown-up in some new big drama.
7. japgirl
She has the cutest voice!! For such a young girl, she's amazing n_n
8. bcgurl
SHe's so cute and she can act so well although she is so young!!!
9. mimisyamimi
Kawaii desu ne! ^_^
She's soo0oo cute n talented..
10. jrenfuweix8956
a child actress with great potential tt u cant deny
11. MagicShiine
Cho kawaii!!!! She's very talented little girl!
12. Ayukawa_Taiyo
She's soooo CUTE!!!! Great actor !
13. vietxmikey
>_< she's the cutest little thing
14. Old-Ant
I am defeated by her cuteness.
15. Impression15
Let's put her in the top 10!
16. Parishilton
I want to hug momo.
17. coolblue
she's so cute~~
18. takim
19. ananas
KAWAII !!!!!
20. gregsan
so cute!!!
21. *ume*
so cute !
22. Fureatenshi
23. fatin_fab