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Matsuura Aya 松浦亜弥 ( Aya Matsuura )

NameMatsuura Aya
Star SignCancer
Birthday25 June 1986
Blood TypeB

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Filmography (4)
The Quiz Show Season 2 [2009]
ザ・クイズショウ 2
Takasugi Reina
Aijou Ippon! [2004]
夏八木 巴 (17)
Golden Bowl [2002]
Saigo no Kazoku [2001]

Artiste Links (2)
Matsuura Aya Fansite

Official Matsuura Aya Website

Users who voted for this artiste (19)
1. rifin2000
the most prestigious and talented girl i saw, she was so impressive from her hair to her toe.. :) i bet she'll be the next matsu takako...good luck my sweetie..
2. jdoramadotcom
Matsuura's a solid actress, but she's really made her name with a string of hit songs and seamless live shows. She's frighteningly cute.
3. bleui
She's definitely the most hontoni kawaii-est human being i've ever seen, not to mention her beautiful voice
4. Geno_SV
The hottest and most beautiful person on earth ^___^
Be part of more dramas Aya!!
5. nakashige
6. Alienwork
her voice is cute and i like the looks when she angry it look cool
7. ~airin~
My favourite idol!! She's very cute(^-^)V
I LOVE her voice too.
8. roon
Probably the best actress Hello! Project has to offer.
9. anon001
she is beautiful and talented..she has great voice too
10. ngawing
ayaya....!!both of her voice and face so cute
11. jogasa
She is so cute. I love her and her music too
12. Aiba-Masaki
otanjyoubi Aya-Chan =D I love her songs;
13. diadokmai86
Very beautiful girl...and nice voice..
14. Shiko
I love her as actress and singer!
15. Pes
my idol from H!P
16. sodesuka
17. meet_moudt
18. shingetta
19. sora21