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Won Bin ウォンビン ( Bin Won )

NameWon Bin
Star SignLibra
Birthday29 September 1977

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Filmography (1)
Friends [2002]
Kim Ji Hoon
キム ジフン

Users who voted for this artiste (44)
1. OCster
The dreamiest guy on the face of the planet, hands down @_@ He is everything: he's cute, he's handsome, he's hot and sexy, he's talented, he's down-to-earth and extremely adorable, both looks and personality wise. I can't get enough of this guy... those eyes can kill, those lips can do worse and that smile... *sticks spork into self*
2. lilbabi1004
wow~~ didn't know he was in a japanese drama...but DEFINATELY hott in Fall Story; and he blew me away with his acting in the korean movie TAE GUK GI...but deng... i didn't realize how OLD he was ^.^;;...he always acts so cute...i thought he was under 25...dude~ he'll be hitting that 30 perty soon
3. strawberrynkiwi
WONBIN!!!! he is seriously perfect!!!! he is hot, cute, good looking, sexy, down-to-earth and probably one of the BEST actor in the world!!! i felt in love with him after seeing his smile~ everyone should check out his dramas and movies!!!
4. Ichigo_
sooo beautiful korean! He was very nice in FRIENDS the only drama I have see of him but he was so cute and so good at acting really look good with Fukada Kyoko. This was the best japan-korean drama ever! =)
5. johnnythao
He is the best looking guy in the Korean Actor's list, because he has had so many great movie's and was voted as one of the most beautiful man in the world on mostbeautifulman.com.
6. citrusrain
Hot!!! When I saw him in Friends, he reminded me what a truly hot asian guy looked like...Friends was worth watching for him... Also I reccomend you see Taegukgi and Guns and Talks
7. iretan
won bin!! so that's who he is.. he's great in taegukgi brotherhood of war and guns & talks!! recommended korean movies!! still watching his drama FRIENDS..
8. miumiu_sky
Ohh goshhh.. my prince charming, hahha! He's so handsome and cute.. love his smile. Like him after watching "Friends" and "Endless Love (k-drama)"!!
9. scullbox82
being kawaii is in fact a credit for him to move forward but his talent in other Korean Movies is really jaw-dropping..if u know what i mean..
10. amyliaz
He is so cute and is one of the top Korean stars! He can act well and he can cry in tearjerkers too : "Autumn in my heart".
11. bluedaydreamer
He is sooooo cute!!!
Especially after watching Taegukgi, where I cried like nobody's business, I love him even more!!!!!!
12. amychan
I'm sucha sucker for eye candy. What can I say? He had me at "hello." That smile could give a girl a heart attack.
13. rina_rina
when i 1st saw him on "endless love" i thought i saw takuya kimura.. but he also a good actor..
14. animetama
The smile! I've only seen him in two series, would be nice to see more of his acting skills..
15. fatma
i like this guy after wathcing friends.. so cute when he smile.. p/s: i love u'r smile..
16. hiei1999
he may have only one thing on here but he's a good actor so people should check him out
17. xiaole
He has got the looks and is able to change as how the character develops. XDD
18. damsel
so handsome!!! and very good actor!!! he looks like kimutaku in his old pic!
19. anneyuu
I saw him just in Friend, but his smile says why I voted Won Bin too! ^^
20. Aki
Sugoku Kakoiiii!!!!! Hope to see him cast alongside Fukakyon more ^-^
21. Shiko
Only saw him in Friends, but he is a beautiful actor!
22. simonelin
Think he is the most handsome guy in Korea Show Biz.
23. sponqebob
he melts my heart, especially in a tale of autumn.
24. rina
A korean actor... He's totally gorgeous...
25. jenney_neyh
His smile.. a thousand words for it..
26. fuqinlan
one of my most favoutite!!!!
27. J
moi hubby. enough said.
28. monsterbumps
CUTE !!!!!!
love u !
29. pj0t
damn cute
dame cool
30. baybeehxsleepi
great actor!!

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