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Ishigaki Yuma 石垣佑磨 ( Yuma Ishigaki )

NameIshigaki Yuma
Star SignVirgo
Birthday28 August 1982
Blood TypeA

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Filmography (17)
Kiyoko Ranman [2013]
Yuma Souta
LOVE GAME [2009]
Hidekatsu (ep. 8)
BOSS [2009]
Ikegami Kengo (ep. 10-11)
Lotto 6 de San-oku Ni-senman En Ateta Otoko [2008]
Satake Shuichi
Asakusa Fukumaru Ryokan Season 2 [2007]
浅草ふくまる旅館 2
Fukumaru Yoshio
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e [2007]
Tennouji Megumi
Natsu Kumo Agare [2007]
Asakusa Fukumaru Ryokan [2007]
Fukumaru Yoshio
Shimokita Sundays [2006]
Yagamai Eiichi
Yaoh [2006]
夏輝 (20)
Engine [2005]
Ibuki Tetsuya
Holyland [2005]
Kamishiro Yu
H2~Kimi to itahibi [2005]
Kine Ryutaro
Ace wo Nerae! [2004]
Ozaki Yuu
尾崎勇 (17)
Yankee Bokou ni Kaeru [2003]
嶋田 哲希 (21)
Water Boys [2003]
Takahara Go
高原 剛
Gokusen [2002]
Minami Youich
南 陽一 (18)

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Horipro Square Men

Users who voted for this artiste (24)
1. Sevothtarte
naoki666, I don't think "good actor" is the right term to use for Ishigaki. I was actually getting bored of Japanese Dramas and movies, I find the acting is generally poor or terrible, until I watched Azumi, and realized there was one actor that caught my attention, I was completely amazed, then thought that it was probably a fluke (the perfect character for him to play). Later on in the year, I stumbled upon Gokusen live action drama, and the second episode left me speechless. Really it's not my business how he does it, however if he keeps it up I'm sure he'll make it to the top. Hopefully other japanese actors will learn a thing or two from him. :applaud:
2. nachi22
NAGARA!!! his character in AZUMI2 i like his role in AZUMI2, but so sad Bcoz he died, that is the first time i saw Ishigaki Yuma, and he is really cute....NAGARA how to dodge an arrow? heheheh.....

keep-up the gud work!!!!
From the people of the Philippines..............

WE love YOU!!!!!! ISHIGAKI YUMA!!!!!

3. karmyk
I'm voting for him because he's the first guy I've regularly seen in a j-drama who is capable of having bigger biceps than mine. Hahaha. Normally, that wouldn't be hard to find in America, but a lot of the mainstream Japanese actors are really scrawny. It's an added bonus that not only is he pretty, but also a very convincing actor. Thus, he rocks!
4. ellenfosh
he can act naturally. I couldn't stop laugh when i saw his character in WaterBoys who couldn't swimming and almost dead when he jumped into the pool. So funny ;)
Then when saw him in H2, i was amazed, he changed into Kine, who was funny too but had different character than in Waterboys
5. yourasthma
best actor of his generation so far. much better than the annoying matsujun. unbelievably hyper that leaves you charmed.
6. aoi_hana
I loved him as Minami in Gokusen and Takahara in Waterboys. <3<3

This picture doesn't do him justice though...
7. Luthiel no Edge
He was nearly perfect as Minami in Gokusen, I'm looking forward to seeing him in other dramas.
8. Renee
YUma....even though you are not the first role but I still like u...keep up the good work...
9. toykimura
He is a charming young actor. Looking forward to seeing him in a more substantial role.
10. zhixiong
A cheerful happy-go-lucky personality. He also acted in Azumi and Battle Royale 2.
11. mr_dreamboy
this guy is the fucking shit! i mean holy crap man! hes berry berry buff!!
12. crazy03hyper
sooo cute...
great actor...
lot of potential...
very cool!
i love him!
13. rahci akumatsu
he's really cute at gokusen.... I really like him!! XD
14. Chrolo
He definitely rules as Tennouji in HanaKimi xDDD
15. KA_JK79
he can act!~ "holyland"'s amazing!!~
16. Aya_fans
MINE>>!!!!!! <3 ahahahaha
17. mhaellix
very cute n funny
18. naoki666
good actor ^_^
19. Okojo
He's so cute!
20. dokodemodoa
he's funny!
21. ShuKuChi-
22. starss
23. aznkoodies
24. krome