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Horikita Maki 堀北真希 ( Maki Horikita )

NameHorikita Maki
Star SignLibra
Birthday06 October 1988
Blood TypeB
B/W/H78 / 58 / 83

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Horikita Maki

Horikita Maki started her career at an early age of 15. Her superb performances in Nobuta Wo Produce and Hanazakari no Kimitachi E proved her versatility as an ...

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Filmography (23)
Higanbana ~ Onnatachi no Hanzai File [2016]
ヒガンバナ ~ 女たちの犯罪ファイル
Kinomiya Nagisa
Masshiro [2015]
Arimura Akari
Miss Pilot [2013]
Tezuka Haru
Umechan Sensei [2012]
Shimomura Umeko
Umareru. [2011]
Hayashida Manami
Kikoku [2010]
Kasai Youko (past)
Wagaya no Rekishi [2010]
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特上カバチ !!
Sumiyoshi Misuzu
Atashinchi no Danshi [2009]
Mineta Chisato
Chance! ~ Kanojo ga Seiko Shita Riyu [2009]
チャンス!~ 彼女が成功した理由
Kawamura Tamaki
Danso no Reijin [2008]
Yamaguchi Yoshiko/Ri Kouran
Innocent Love [2008]
Akiyama Kanon
Atsu-Hime [2008]
Princess Kazunomiya Chikako/Seikanin
Galileo [2007]
Morisaki Remi (epi 6)
Deru Toko Demasho! [2007]
Kamei Shizuka
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e [2007]
Ashiya Mizuki
Seito Shokun! [2007]
Teppan Shoujo Akane [2006]
神楽アカネ (17)
Kurosagi [2006]
Yoshikawa Tsurara
Tsubasa No Oreta Tenshitachi 1 [2006]
Yuna (Episode 2)
Nobuta wo Produce [2005]
Kotani Nobuko
Densha Otoko [2005]
Yamada Aoi
山田葵 (17)
Ningen no Shoumei [2004]
Kouri Sayaka

Users who voted for this artiste (370)
1. stickerhappy
I love Horikita Maki. Despite being down-to-earth, she's showed the Japanese entertainment industry that girls should not be overly sexy or overly cute to be noticed or be highly praised. She has a simple aura yet she captivates TV viewers with her expressive eyes.

In fact, her tool for versatility is her eyes. Her glares hint that she's in a horror media, her glances hint that she's in a romance media, her squints hint that she's in a comedic media and her stares hint that she's in a dramatic media. Her eyes really catch people's attention.

You can pair her up with anybody, from the actor behind L's character in the Death Note live action movie to Johnny's Entertainment's current hotshots.

Maki-chan is promising, I tell you. :)
2. Iza_Yanti
She's really make me and my friends fell that our back was hurt when see her as Nobuko Kotani in Nobuta.. Then, she act the different roles than nobuta as densha otoko's younger sister.. really cute n talkactive.. plays the boyis role in HanaKimi make me think that she can play many role as erika toda, gacky, meisa(her bestfriend also), yui ichikawa... many more.. watever.. like her.. n she is so kawaii n gentlewomen!!
3. someonethatsno1
Great actor and cute as well. I first saw her in Nobuta Wo Produce, and then after that because of her i saw Hana Kimi. Then was how i saw how good she was... her roles personalities were pretty much opposite, in NWP, she was a shy girl who hardly talked, but in Hana Kimi she acted alot more outgoing and completely different. Very young and i expect to see her in many new dramas and rise among the best.
4. amekoi
Pretty, well-rounded and humble, Horikita is considered as one of the prominent young actress today. She made a name not because of any bad working attitude or scandals---her claim to fame was her capability to play any role... and maybe her awesome chemistry with J-idol Yamashita Tomohisa too. Acting awards? She's got a lot. Hot leading men? She had Oguri and YamaP.
5. halfshrewdhalfwhimsical
Despite being this shy and modest celebrity, Maki delivers well. I love how she communicates with her audience through her eyes. My favorite performances from Maki are her roles in "Always", "Seito Shokun!", "Densha Otoko", "Nobuta wo Produce", "Hana Kimi", "Ooku", and "Tokujo Kabachi!!" On top of that, she effortlessly looks beautiful in her photos.
6. kneehard
I loved her in Densha Otoko and Nobuta wo Produce. Her performance in Kurosagi was not as good, although still okay. And she does make a cute couple with YamaPi!

A question, I saw her in the video for Remioromen's 3 Gatsu 9 Ka. Does the video consist scenes from a dorama or movie? If so, can anyone tell me from which show is it from? Thanks!!
7. ohikaenasutte
My first impression? She's very cute, & so pretty (too good to be true at 18 ages?). But then I saw her act in nobuta wo produce and kurosagi, this young girl have a very good talent that can be polish. In Hana Kimi, she didn't need much acting but she excellent as a young boy. Need more drama from her. One of my favourite young j-actress.
8. natsukoi
At a very young age, she is already versatile. Having been able to play typical heroine roles to emotionally turmoiled roles to horror-movie villain roles, she has a lot of potential under her belt---bagging a sufficient number of acting awards is definitely worth praising. Her natural beauty bests the typical Japanese idols of her time.
9. chiizora
Simple but beautiful. I've been hearing her name ever since Nobuta wo Produce aired on 2005. When Hanazakari no Kimitachi E aired this 2007, I got hooked and then found out that she was chosen by Vogue Nippon as one of its "Woman of the Year"!

Her future is shining brightly. I am confident that she'll be a big star in Japan someday.
10. jaemin
Horikita Maki is without a doubt, one of the most talented Japanese actresses. And she is incredibly gorgeous. Also, she's the sweetest thing in interviews and stuff like that; she seems really a down to earth actress.
Hopefully, she'll be back in a new series soon since i miss her so much after Hana Kimi.
11. pikapoka
This girl is a great actress. Her role in densha otoko was completely different than in Nobuto and yet she did great. In real life her voice is cute and she is very lively. For her to play nobuto, she completely changed her personality and was great. I hope to see more of her in the upcoming jdrama's.
12. Spike83
A very gifted Japanese actress/model.
Maki is amazingly beautiful in a natural way (the best way if you ask me).
Her roles in J-doramas such as "Nobuta", "kuroagi" & "Hana No Kimi" are very different roles but she plays them with such freshness and confidence, it's very refreshing to see.
13. MoonxBunny
She's a talented actress.. I love how she pulled off Nobuta {in Nobuta. wo Produce}, she was really great. In addition to that, I find her pretty. She's young but she's good. I hope she makes more appearances in dramas in the future with other popular actress/actors. :D
14. SweetchillixD
Y'know, after watching some potentially great dramas that fall short just because of really bad acting, this girl makes one appreciate the significance of what raw, acting talent can bring to the stage. She's truly one of the best actresses out there. Bravo Maki-chan!
15. Neuroneuster
She must be voted because she is versatile. She is minor in Nobuta Wo Produce but she is talented. I like her better in Deru Toko Demasho! and almost all her dramas. She is hilarious and amusing.

I know she can play baseballs, so I hope she can teach me someday.
16. bakafool
Horikita is doing pretty well. I think she's progressing nicely but I feel that her acting isn't there yet and she's got room for improvement. Her cuteness is still overshadowing here acting to a certain degree. Once that reverses, then she'll be a great actress.
17. ducko
She was so cute in Nobuta wo Produce... cute in general!
He's a good actress too... but i don't like how she plays a "guy" in Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, she doesn't look like a guy at all - she has a way too girly look.
Can't wait too see more of her stuff!
18. abubakaz
the fisrt word that came to my mind when i saw her was KAWAIII!!!

but nevertheless, she is a good actor. she did a good job as densha's sister and an ever better job as a socially withdrawn girl in nobuta wo produce. we are seeing a star in the making here.
19. Chikane
I love her job, she's great!! >.<
It's fantastic, how she looks so cute and gently acting. Im watching Nobuta wo Produce now, and it's awesome! I love it coz she's there. XD
And Yamapi, of course... They're a cute couple!
May one day they stay togheter *_*
20. Antique Pop
She is beautiful! Not the glamorous kind of beautiful, but leaning more towards cutesy ;D I loved her in Nobuta. wo Produce; she definitely stood out in her role as Nobuko Kotani. I have yet to see other dramas of her, but she definitely gets my vote.
21. Organized Chaos
Horikita Maki is so cute. I came to find out about her from Nobuta wo Produce as the unpopular quiet girl that Shuji and Akira try to produce. I love her "Nobuta power" Horikita's performance in Kurosagi was awesome too, a great rising actress. :)
22. yukiko56
She's shown that girls can be as good as guys when it comes to acting. Whether she is pretending to be a guy in Hana Kimi, or a mother of 6 adopted boys in Atashinchi no Danshi, she's how good she is. :) I want to be just like her someday :D
23. aibakaneko
hahaha.. i love her in Nobuta no Produce. lol. she crack me up in the begining when she had her first encounter with Shuji. lol. my first thought when she appear was " DANG! She look like the girl in Ringu" HAHAHHAHAHA.. anbwyayz. she's Great!
24. shun-aya
she's my fave after ueto aya. i think they'll be a good pair. i like them both with ogushun also. hana kimi and azumi. maki is kawaii when she smiles. i like her also when she is serious. cute smile and tantalizing eyes. perfect!
25. eftermiddag
I think she is a wonderful and gifted actress, and not that I'm into girls or anything but i think that she is very beautiful. there i said it XD and that she have acted togehter w/ Yamapi in two shows...mygawd im jealous ;P
26. myTz
she was really2 cool, beautiful n cute, and i think she has good personality too.. also she can act beautifully what-ever her character, i think she was 1 of the most greatly artistes around the world... she was so KAWAII ^^
27. MokaGirl
First saw her in NWP, loved her role as Nobuta then in Densha Otoko. She was simply too kawaii! Saw Hinokio movie bcuz of her. I can't wait to see more from her !!! natural cuteness she is ! She rules as Nobuta !!!
28. CuPxxCaKE
awesome actress. she is very pretty. she is sooo talented. she is cute in hana kimi and she looks really cute with yamapi. i love her dramas. i love it when she is in hana kimi and nobuta wo produce. ^________~
29. domng
Have been following this bright and kawaii actress since she acted in Densha Otoko.
Then she got a leading role in Nobuta wo Produce as well as Kurosagi.
Can't wait for her next drama Teppan Shoujo Akane!!!
30. aznkether
So cute~~ I watched Nobuta wo Produce, and I was blown away by her in Kurosagi. She really stepped it up and she did a superb job, plus she looked super cute. I am defenitely rooting for her in the future.

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