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Ando Masanobu 安藤政信 ( Masanobu Ando )

NameAndo Masanobu
Star SignTaurus
Birthday19 May 1975
Blood TypeO
B/W/H87 / 67 / 95

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Ando Masanobu

Everybody knows him in Battle Royale as Kiriyama, the brutal killer. However his career does not stop there, he continues to make it big in more movies such as ...

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Filmography (7)
Theseus no Fune [2020]
Code Blue Season 3 ~ Dr Heli Kinkyuu Kyuumei [2017]
コード・ブルー 3 ~ ドクターヘリ緊急救命
Shinkai Hiroki
Higashino Keigo Mysteries [2012]
Bito Shigehisa/Akiyama Yuichi (Story 6)
69 sixty nine [2004]
Ao no jidai [1998]
Seija no koushin [1998]
高原 廉
Tomodachi no koibito [1997]

Users who voted for this artiste (37)
1. LoveMonster
His character in Seija No Koushin still stands as my favorite of all the dorama that I've seen thusfar (which is not by any means a hefty amount, but I'd imagine if you keep thinking about the character for days than the actor is worth voting for.) Then suddenly I see Battle Royale.. a total 360 degree turn! The guy can play anybody! Very memorable roles.. even in bad movies like Red Shadow he still shines.
2. misato-chan
Gorgeous looks and a lot of talent. He has such an innocent look to him. I love him in Seija no Koushin, Battle Royale... everything. I almost forget it's him...he manages to totally become his characters. His perfomances always stand out (though I may be biased to think that). My #1 favorite actor! Ando's got it all and I love him to death.
3. Batoru_Rowaiaru
Masanobu is by FAR the HOTTEST man alive in the world, EVER! I love him! ^_^ And he's a great actor... he made me cry so much when i watched Satorare. He's amazing and funny too... it's amazing how he can pull of psycho-crazy in Battle Royale to the sweetest ever guy in Satorare.
4. daydgurl
He looks really COOL in Battle Royale. He looked really hot when he was killing the students, and I like his cute look. It makes him look really innocent.
5. Andro
I saw him only in Seija no Koushin and Battle Royal yet, but I think, he's a good actor. I like him very much. I think, he's very handsome too. :)
6. Roxie
Dis guy was so excellent it battle royale. He portrayed his character so well and was one of the reasons battle royale was as good as it was.
7. nakiko
Because not only was he brilliantly creepy in Battle Royale; he's been quirky and cute in all the subsequent roles I've seen him play.
8. purplequeenz
He rocks in Battle Royale~!! <3
Most favourite character in the show!!!!! xD
9. cola_cherry
incredibly cute in la periode bleue, that's wen i first noticed him and super hott in wen the saint's go marching in
10. pinkcat
i love Ando Masanobu. His eyes~smile~wonderful acting~sexy voice~every thing. Just because he is ANDO MASANOBU!
11. Rony Oka
I saw him in the movie Adrenaline Drive.
and I liked the movie and he played his role pretty good.
12. Hanajima
His eyes are sooooooooooo beautiful! And nice bod too. Talented and charming. He has everything!
13. Kat
Battle Royale is the best film ever. And he is the coolest and hottest actor ever.
14. ~*rikku*~
He is absolutely adorable! his eyes are electrifying! i love him! GO GO ANDOU!
15. aesthetic reasons
He's got talent, looks, and a lovely voice: a complete package!
16. Kimbles
Ando-san is such a cutie and I loved him in Battle Royale :)
17. strawberryfzz
It's a shame he only does movies now. I miss him in Jdramas!
18. weetzie_bat
i love him! he doesn't do dramas anymore but still.
19. karmyk
Incredibly gorgeous. Doubly incredibly talented.
20. aizah
he's really cute as red shadow!! i like him...~
21. Aura
sexy cute psycho ninja! what's not to love!?
22. uchijin
Great actor. And he's pretty handsome, too.
23. TANG
he is very sexy. he is also a great actor,
24. mambo5
friggin cool guy. a massacre in BR
25. jc05
Why am I so obsessed with him?
26. Maschera
I like him in Red Shadow.
27. syahirah
love his acting...
28. gaVe
29. fukada
love him in BR
30. megami_san
i love him!

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