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Sato Megumi 佐藤めぐみ ( Megumi Sato )

NameSato Megumi
Star SignScorpio
Birthday17 November 1984
Blood TypeA

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Filmography (15)
Hippocrates no Chikai [2016]
Kashiwagi Yuko
Higanjima ~ Love is Over [2016]
彼岸島 Love is over
Tsuma wa, Kunoichi ~Saishusho~ [2014]
Machigawarechatta Otoko [2013]
Otomo Haruko
xxxHolic [2013]
Zettai Reido [2010]
Mitsui Tomomi
Harukanaru Kizuna [2009]
Sasaoka Ryoko
Chiritotechin [2007]
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Hana Yori Dango Season 2 [2007]
Sanjou Sakurako
Taiyou no uta [2006]
Matsumae Misaki
松前美咲 (19)
Aru Ai no Uta [2006]
Shirai Shiami
Hana Yori Dango [2005]
Sanjou Sakurako
三条 桜子 (16)
H2~Kimi to itahibi [2005]
Nakata Satomi
Medaka [2004]
3 nen B gumi Kinpachi Sensei Season 6 [2001]
Akamine Mayuko

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Users who voted for this artiste (11)
1. Sang Hyuk-ryan
she's great...she portrayed the character so well that i almost hit her in my t.v.!hehe...can go from a fabolous and very cute girl to a very dangerous and seductive woman...(she's actually my fave artist in HYD as sanjou sakurako)anyways hope to see her soon in the upcoming hana yori 2!
2. Impression15
Gorgeous. First saw her in Kinpachi, she looks the same now but without the baby fat (ie chin). Really hot...and acting ain't so bad either. Don't know if she can handle a main role yet though.
3. Dina-chan
b'coz she is so kawai and her act was very good...I wanna be her too..Satou Megumi-san, please teach me how to be you...onegai shimasu...(^ ^)v
4. shinkumi_sawada
this girl. very beautiful. she's my fave antagonist in HYD. she might not handle starring roles yet, but an antagonist is her forte.
5. kewell
I really belive that she is one of the cutest girls in the world. And she is good in everything I have seen this far. More Please?
6. xayaxceresx
She's really cute and did an AMAZING job in Taiyou No Uta! She is a great actress.
7. ken2006
Wow. She can play such an evil character in HYD!
8. Jdoramalover
I liked her in kimpachi Sensei.
9. zgnoud
shes just gorgeous <3
10. Anjelus
11. chazarst