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Kusano Hironori 草野博紀 ( Hironori Kusano )

NameKusano Hironori
JPop GroupNEWS
Star SignAquarius
Birthday15 February 1988
Blood TypeB

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Filmography (1)
Gekidan Engimono - Ie ga Tooi [2005]
劇団演技者 - 家が遠い

Users who voted for this artiste (22)
1. cherish-Kusano
THE LOVE OF MY LIFE. ^^ Kusano is very talented in all that he does. He's a great singer, an awesome dancer, and now he's becoming an actor. He has so much potential as an actor, I can't wait to see him acting more in the near future. Kusano also has a great personality. It's so refreshing, I smile thinking about him. I absolutely adore/love Kusano. He of course gets my vote. <3333333
2. Ochibi
Brilliant singer, awesome dancer, unique sense of humour and a certain charm... what more can you wish for? Talented and determined, he's not described as "steel/iron" by his group members for nothing. Also a budding actor, I think it's safe to say that we can expect him to be a huge star in the future, if he isn't already :D
3. simi
kusano is an asset to news, it would not be what it is, without him. his voice is amazing, and his personality is unique. he is in himself very inspiring and has a natural talent for performing, he will aspire to be great.
4. mickiie
He is KUSANOMANNN!~ soo dorky XDDDD
i luvv his voice ~ he's the best dancer i know
he should be in more drama >_____________<
whatever ... with a cute/cool looks he is alwaiiz kawaii XD becuz he iss ... KUSANO !!!!!!
5. Buchou
How can you not like Kusano? Not only has he got the sex-factor, but he can move like no one else in NEWS. With such a raw talent, this boy does not get enough solo lines.
6. rain90
he's very hott! and he's such a good dancer! he's also a very good singer. not just only that but he's soo funny as well! gosh this boy is perfect<3
7. tessyxxxnotty
he is soo sweet and moves around so much like a lil animal :)
he will be a great dancer in future and hope he do much more acting in future!!
8. kUsAnOzAQT
He has the cutest personality in the whole wide world, and he also has the cutest face, and the hottest dances~!
9. Kusano0215
kusano is cute....kawaii..kakooi..dance very great..and then his singing is good too...support him...
10. eiz1021
of course! he's such a great singer and dancer! u've got nothing to do but to love this guy!
11. buagie_goofybua
he is so cute and good entertainer
i like him very much
i think he is funny people
12. piperhebe
he is so kakoiii.he act very good in engimono^^
13. littlegurl
he looks so cute in pictures
14. shige_news
he so handsome......
15. rie_kumiko
great dancer!
16. jinglebelbel
17. kusano_ks
18. jpop*girl
19. arashi4dream
20. _YukI_
21. Joasia
22. eriza