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Otsuka Ai 大塚 愛 ( Ai Otsuka )

NameOtsuka Ai
大塚 愛
Star SignVirgo
Birthday09 September 1982
Blood TypeO
Height157 cm

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Filmography (1)
Tokyo Friends [2005]
Iwatsuki Rei

Users who voted for this artiste (20)
1. Ashmarina
I adore her rigth from the fisrt time i heard her angelic voice in Planetarium...which I guess has already trapped many listeners. Her voice is somewhat makes me addicted, and the song planetrium is now on the top list of my japan music collections.
2. Rare
Love her so much!!! Love her music, love her style, and she's so beautiful!! And a big bonus on that - she's not an annoying actress at all, in fact a really good one. All and all - she's perfect in every way ^^
3. flintandtas
Ai-chin!!! My #1 Jpop star, an artistic genius, every one of her songs are full of emotion, and her LIVE performances are unbelievable. Watch her act in Tokyo friends and be amazed!!!
4. slashersam016
One of my favorite Japanese singer of all singers in Japan!!!.. im glad she has a 1 drama and a movie.. and her music is really influential to me. you and me Ai-chan Sakuranbo!.
5. Aiba-Masaki
She so unique! and so cute! goodness hahahha I love love love herr x] yayyyy even when she only satrred in one drama! it's good!
6. chokokokoa
Ootsuka Ai-chin is A Beautiful Angel Who Came To The Earth To Make The World Full of Love and Happiness!!!
7. ngawing
yeah...!!she is my Favorite Idol!!her voice sooo cute...and all of her songs great!!!
8. Muay-chan
The reason I ever got into japanese music. I also love her in tokyo friends.
9. Akira_san
One of the most talented artist I know. Her song Yumekui was very cute.
10. opospa
Good voice and looking foward for her future doramas.
11. jayzon_yui13
Love..!! Love..!! Love..!! Love..!! Love..!! Love..!!
12. Chelsea47
She's a good singer and a jawbreaking actress...
13. Clad69-2
She is the best, simply natural and too cute <3
14. nurul addina
i love her song, thats all...hehehehe
15. watlover
I love her voice! Very good singer!
16. hebikage
i really like her cute voice ~~,
17. JinDesu
My favorite singer :3
18. Anime Dad
19. moji33
20. pearl jam