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Imai Tsubasa 今井翼 ( Tsubasa Imai )

NameImai Tsubasa
JPop Grouptackeyandtsubasa
Star SignLibra
Birthday17 October 1981
Blood TypeA
Weight172 cm

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Imai Tsubasa

Started his career as a junior member in Johnny's Junior and back-up dancer for his senpai in 1995, and eventually formed Tackey and Tsubasa. This good-looking ...

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Filmography (9)
Chuushingura no Koi ~ 48-ninme no Chuushin [2016]
忠臣蔵の恋 ~ 四十八人目の忠臣
Asano Naganori
Naifu no Yukue [2014]
Haru to Natsu/Haru e Natsu [2005]
Yoshitsune [2005]
Saigo no Bengonin [2003]
Never Land [2001]
Hishikawa Yoshikuni
Summer snow [2000]
Suetsugu Hiroto
Brothers [1998]
Fujiwara Shinyu
Mokuyou no kaidan [1995]

Users who voted for this artiste (44)
1. riyana_rythe
coz i juz lovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeee him....kawaii,and naughty yet hontou-ni yasashi ne...takizawa-kun's best friends,knows him inside out...love him for the innocent ways yet,he's firm and talented-he's voice is soooo nice and he dance like a grace fall upon a blind,very beautiful,and good at dancing...hope you'll be happy beside your aikata-kun....oh and i hope to see more and more of you in dramas yo!!!Producers!!!Take him to act in your darama!!!
2. Yayoi
He's so kawaii! I started liking him when I saw his performance at the Golden Melody Awards on TV this year. It was really unique and cool; I loved his opening moves a lot! It really did spice up an otherwise boring show (okay, okay, dont ask me why I spent 5 hours watching a "boring" show. Ask KangTa!!) But anyway, really hope to see that performance once again, Tsubasa! ^^
3. tsubasa_ash
Even though I've only watched "Summer Snow" which was like way back in the late 90s...his acting skills are not bad at all...the only thing he needs is to get more chances to act in jdorama...if he could in the future, i bet his acting skills would be more polished!
4. Naiy
Tsubasa is a great dancer, good singer, nice actor. He's definitely an artiste! his performances passionate and inciting! For all that i reeeally love him!! (and he speaking Portuguese is just adoooorable!! XD~)
5. jhikari
Tsubasa was very good in Summer Snow. He matched his role in the drama. I didnt get to see him in Yoshitsune with Takki but thats ok. They sing great with eachother but I love Tsubasa voice! (and takki. haha)
6. cold_jade
Tsubasa has his own style in performing (dramas, stage plays, dance etc) and he makes everything he does a good job. I like his hardworking side and how he is trying out everything an artist could do.
7. kamisen_fanatic
i really lyk his singing n his attitude...he might not be the most good loking or hunkiest guy i noe of but he definitely has wad it takes to invade the hearts of young girls lyk me!!!
8. ryoko293
Although I'm pretty new to Takki&Tsubabsa, he immediately caught my eye!
he is really handsome and a good singer! I've seen a few live clips and must say ... GO TSBASEXY YAY!
9. we!Rd^dUcK
Tsu-kun KAWAIIIIIIII !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though the whole world turn their back on Tsu-kun, i will always face him.... GAMBARE TSU-KUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10. sayurikurata
Hehe, I found him very cool and good-looking ^_^ I didn't know he was part of Tackey and Tsubasa until recently ^^;;
11. shirleylin
He is such a good dancer and singer!
His dance is really impressive.
And I love his performance in Summer Snow.
12. marsqurine
I love him :) He is so talented and is one of the 4 heavenly dancing kings in Johnny Entertainment's history :)
13. ribi
His boke-ness, his umai dancing and his love for Tackey all make him the ultimate man in ribi-land! *rabu rabu*
14. mikkichan
He might not be one of the best actors out there but he's DEFINATELY one of the best singer and dancer.
15. shampoo_conditioner
he's not actually an actor but he's really a godd dancer!!! and very hawttie!!! goodluck tsuba-chan!!
16. Yuna
dioxxxxxxxxxx su danca es la danca erotica de Johnny's!!!!!!!!!!! menuos movimientos k hace >.<
17. raffz
I still wait Tsubasa as the lead actor because before this he only play as supporting actor.
18. karin-chan
i Love him just Like i Love his other haLf *giggLes*. he reaLLy is the dancing king!!
19. dt
soooooo niceeeee....in summer snow he's kawaii!!!! and in neverland SUGOI!!!!!
20. maxlovely
tsuba-chan has a sweet voice... i love it.. and he is more and more kakoi. :)
21. johnnysjr
i have voted for tackey so i must vote for you!!!
sexy man and good dancer!
22. Taisuke
They're JE, they're talented, they're hot, they're cute as a result! ^__^
23. cola_cherry
KAKOIII!!!!!!! i luv luv luv him!!! so good!!! luv it wen he smiles
24. ikinaka
the blur and forgotten person i've ever seen and know.....so sweat
25. Takki_Lver22
I love his music! He's a hottie =o) I luv you Imai !!!
26. Yuu-Nanase
I love this guy because is so sexy and cute ^^x
27. Toni kun
Just like Takizawa he is even more kawaii
28. kyouki
somehow he looks adorable when acting
29. shirahime
He can surely sing! and so puppy cute
30. momoko_ichigo
he look so good with shortier hair~

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