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Tsutsumi Shinichi 堤真一 ( Shinichi Tsutsumi )

NameTsutsumi Shinichi
Star SignCancer
Birthday07 July 1964
Blood TypeAB

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Tsutsumi Shinichi

Tsutsumi Shinichi is a classically trained actor who has brought his undeniable talent to his stage, drama and film roles. A versatile actor who pulled through ...

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Filmography (16)
Super Salaryman Saenai-shi [2017]
左江内 (52)
Risuku no Kamisama [2015]
Saigyoji Satoshi
西行寺智 (47)
Tonbi [2012]
SP [2007]
Ogata Soichiro
Sailor Fuku to Kikanju [2006]
Koi ni Ochitara ~Boku no Seikou no Himitsu~ [2005]
Takayanagi Toru
高柳 徹 (38)
Beginner [2003]
Good Luck !! [2003]
Kouda Kazuki
香田一樹 (40)
Musashi [2003]
Honiden Matahachi
Lunch no Joou [2002]
Nabeshima Kennichiro
鍋島健一郎 (34)
Koi no Chikara [2002]
Nukui Kohtaro
貫井功太郎 (35)
Chuushingura 1/47 [2001]
忠臣蔵 1/47
Asano Takumi-no-kami Naganori
Hero [2001]
Tsugaru Yasushi (special)
Yamato Nadeshiko [2000]
Nakahara Osuke
中原 欧介 (35)
Doctor [1999]
Pure [1996]
Sawatari Toru

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Dorama: Tsutsumi Shinichi

Shinichi Tsutsumi (SJIS)

Users who voted for this artiste (99)
1. iluvhyde
The first time I saw his performance was in Yamato Nadeshiko. It was only the first episode and I was just sold! I was so convinced that he was Osuke, it came as a shock... because I have never been so captivated by a drama character before. He has also successfully stolen the limelight in Good Luck! Most importantly, I felt that the aura he exudes during each performances never failed to captivate me. Truly, he belongs to my Holy Grail - as the one favorite Japanese actor of all times.
2. andrewujin
very promising actor. saw him in Yamato Nadeshiko and his acting was fantastic. hope that he'll have more promising dramas ahead as most of his dramas now are not that popular. i think in yamato nadeshiko as "osuke" he played a kind of blur person with a kind heart. and with his style, i'm very sure that he can pull off a brilliant smart CEO or something/cop maybe? just as easy. he's a flexible actor with his very own style.

superb job...
3. anita
Nice, man, cool, calm, mature, handsome, .....

Hello All! I am Anita which come from Hong Kng. I love TSUTSUMI SHINICHI very much!!!!!!

I have watched Good Luck that let me know who is TSUTSUMI SHINICHI
is. Recently, TVB has broadcasting this film this year 2004 April.
I know him so late..........

but anyway I support him!!!


4. Terryb
What a great actor this is. In Good Luck somehow he reminds me of Arnold Schwarzenneger haha.

But I originally know him from SABU movies, Also co-starring with Shibasaki Kou in "Drive" a must see movie, along with "Postman Blues" and "Monday". They both also play together Takeshi Miike's: "One missed Call" can't be coincidence anymore? ;)
5. ginger ale
Otoko mai desu. Really handsome from every angle and a superb actor.Can't wait to watch more of his jdorama and films. I loved Good Luck!! because of him and KimuTaku. Shnichi chan was a bit dorky though in Yamato Nandeshiko or Perfect Woman as the academic math professor Osuke Nakahara. It just shows he has got a wide acting range.
6. ScrappedShinigami
I still can't believe that it's the same actor who played in Good Luck as Lunch no Joou.
He has unbelievable acting talent! It was his coolness and ease in the role of Kouda in Good Luck (After watching Lunch no Joou) that made me really appreciate him. Even though he was the antagonist I could completely understand his character.
7. sucigam
Like an older version of Kimura Takuya, chooses roles that show his versatility as an actor although, like someone said above, his best roles are his comedic ones. If you can, check out the movies he has made because his films really show why he is recognized as one of the best actors in Japan right now.
8. Mujer
Although he is not the most handsome Japanese actor but he is definitely one of the most attractive ones. I love Kimura Takuya but I watched Good Luck because of Tsutsumi Shinichi. I simply couldn't take my eyes off of him. He's so cool. I also loved in as Nukui in The Power of Love.
9. FierceStriker
He is great in Koi no Chikara, such a slow and unromantic guy, but managed to make himself more loveable than any other love drama heroes (Takuya Kimura, I am talking about you). He was good in Yamato Nadeshiko too. Hope to see more of his great and versatile acting skills.
10. minochi99
Awesome as Musashi's sidekick, memorable in Yamato Nadeshiko, and commanding in Good Luck. The guy has a lot of versatality and can play, comedy and dramatic roles. Though, I think he's more suited for the comedic roles. He just has the face for it.
11. emiko
Surprised by his sudden comeback through the hit series Yamato Nadeshiko, I never expected that I will grow to like this veteran actor. His great performances in Lunch no Jo & Koi no Chikara makes him vulnarable for my vote!
12. aznkether
This guy is a great actor, I could hardly believe he is the same character in Good Luck and Nadeshiko Yamoto, the role he played constrast each other so much, yet he absolutely nails the parts.
13. thomas.k
His acting skills are amazing, from Yamato Nadeshiko to Good Luck he made water to wine and keep the good acting, It's so much different from Takuya who make the same character every dorama.
14. Jeanxi
Good actor. I have much respect for him ^^ Cannot begin to enumerate the great roles that he has performed and the contribution (acting-wise) to the dorama world!
15. williu
He is a phenomenal actor with a range that surpasses everyone I've seen so far. Just compare his role in Good Luck with the one in Yamato Nadeshiko! Superb!
16. ping_bong
Tsutsumi san has performed extremely well during his acting career, especially in Yama Nadeshiko and Good Luck!
keep up the good work Tsutsumi san=)
17. kazuko-chan
I'm fall in love with him since i was watch "Good Luck!!" He is very good paly his role as Kouda Captain :) I'm sure he is a really GREAT ACTOR :)
18. dummyuser16
great in "good luck" plays an asshole really well, yet maintains the charisma that makes you respect him. Also, he looks really young for his age!
19. minerva
Does anybody have seen Good Luck, Yamato Nadeshiko, Lunch No Jyoo, Beginner? If you do, you must be know why Tsutsumi Shinichi IS a GREAT actor.
20. Betsy Hayashi
A charismatic and funny actor. He did a great job in "Musashi". His portrayal of Matahachi was amazing. Even better than the book one !!!!!!!
21. Sakuramochi
He is my all time favorite actor! Such charisma and presence. He is a scene stealer in many dramas and movies. I'd watch any thing he is in!
22. beryl_28
Got to know him through the show Good Luck! He plays a very cool pilot who is actually rather soft-hearted... He can act really well!
23. yume
His skills are always top-notch and he brings great presence to his work. I can't think of a drama he's in that I didn't like!
24. maycc
Tsutsumi San is a very good actor ,he give me a strong impression especially in "Good Luck" and "Yamato Nadeshiko"
25. elitetamer
My favourite actor in Good Luck. He acted very well and it suits with him so much. good acting, very impressive
26. Angel2001
Excellent actor! Performance in Good Luck manages to steal a lot of limelight from Takuya, which is not easy.
27. kiwisannnn
He was awesome in Yamato Nadeshiko and Good Luck!! Too bad he hasn't been in many dramas recently...
28. exmoment
He's a very good actor who has already acted very different characters! For me he's one of the best!
29. stararies17
seriously his acting in good luck is superb. very calm n collected. stern face but looks cool =)
30. bakafool
Tsutsumi's role as Captain Koda in Good Luck! was awesome. He nailed that role. Very well acted.

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