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Oda Yuji 織田裕二 ( Yuji Oda )

NameOda Yuji
Star SignSagittarius
Birthday13 December 1967
Blood TypeA
B/W/H99 / 75 / 92

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Oda Yuji

After the successful run of Tokyo Love Story, this drama heartthrob in the nineties has also transformed himself into a box office actor with his recent hit mov...

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Filmography (21)
IQ246 ~ Karei naru Jikenbo [2016]
IQ246 ~ 華麗なる事件簿
Houmonji Sharaku
Kabuka Bouraku [2014]
Bando Hiroshi
Oh, My Dad!! [2013]
Shinkai Genichi
Gaikoukan Kuroda Kosaku [2011]
Kuroda Kousaku
Taiyo to Umi no Kyoshitsu [2008]
Sakurai Sakutaro
Jodan Janai! [2007]
Takamura Keita (40)
Last Christmas [2004]
Haruki Kenji
春木健次 (36)
Mayonaka no Ame [2002]
Tokura Takashi
都倉 隆 (30)
Rocket boy [2001]
Whiteout [2000]
Teruo Togashi
Koi wa aserazu [1998]
Odoru Daisousasen [1997]
Aoishima Shunsaku (29)
Mahiru no tsuki [1996]
Seigi wa katsu [1995]
Okane ga nai! [1994]
Hagiwara Kentaro
Subarashiki kana jinsei [1993]
Furikaereba yatsu ga iru [1993]
Tokyo Love Story [1991]
Nagao Kanji
Prep School Boogie [1990]
Mama haha bugi [1989]
Encounter [0000]

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Users who voted for this artiste (70)
1. tsuyoshi7nhwi
Watch "Odoru Daisousasen THE MOVIE" and its sequel, then watch the movie "WHITEOUT." But he's not just an action star, check out his drama "Mahiru no Tsuki," with Tokiwa Takako, and you'll see that he's a great actor. Oh, but don't listen to him sing...ouch... (even though I like "Love Somebody," he's beaten it dead).
2. Electro43
There is nobody for me like Yuji Oda. He was really the one who got me hooked on Doramas and Jpop and Japanese movies. Its hard to imagine that I would be as big a fan of Japanese material and life had I not been a fan, and continue to be one of his.
3. yourasthma
has the charisma i find lacking in takuya kimura. versatile actor who does not need to rely on his looks. he deserves to be part of the top 50 artistes but it now seems to be monopolized by johnny's boys whose acting resembles my wooden cabinet.
4. yume
Can you blame me for the performances this man has given in classics such as "Tokyo Love Story," and "Odoru Daisousasen?" Didn't think so! Also loved his bumbling smile in all of his dramas--especially "Kane ga nai!" (I don't have money!")
5. yukari_no_hoshi
He is the first Japanese actor I've ever liked, his Okane ga nai! was the most memorable for me! He can play both funny and serious characters really well! I just love watching dramas with him in it!
6. zombie-girl
My fav J-Pan star at the moment! He's so funny and has the ability to make his characters really sympathetic. Aoshima in Bayside Shakedown is the best! And I don't think his singing is THAT bad!!
7. Signo
I don't know if he is a good actor or not, but he knows how to reach the audience and his interesting art of telling stories is quite unique, specially in Okane ga Nai and Oduro Daisosasen.
8. kassytakuya
One of my favo. I love him especially when he plays as a "cold" doctor. He is also good when playing in a romantic dorama. 2 thums up for his act.
9. mitchyko
the perfect gentleman in "last christmas".
loving, caring, sensitive, funny and affectionate makes him the ideal man for the ladies.
10. Akasaka Hiker
He was a bit restless in Bayside...but I liked his potrayal of Haruki in Last Christmas. He was cool in singing the opening theme...
11. cokecheers
Got to know him in Tokyo love story and has been suportting him since the. A talent actor especially in Tokyo love story...
12. ilovedrama
Loved Last Christmas staring Oda Yuji & Yada Akiko. I like to see them act in more romance dramas together.
13. gackt
last christmas, i gave you my heart....
such a smooth guy in that dorama, and in others ones, just great
14. nehq
He is a very.. very.. good actor, has a big talent. He can act be any one, any face and any personality.
15. sahabat9
i've been admiring him for a long long time ago...i just love his act esp in Tokyo Love Story..
16. kurusawa
First saw him in Odoru daisousassen [�x���{����] and he did a very good job!
17. nakashige
He best is when he plays Aoshima on Odoru Daisousasen. The best drama ever!
18. thera~kun
I forgot the title, but i've watch his series since i was around 12 or 13.
19. CtrlV
acts very professional in midnight rain, great drama- great leading role
20. v1olet
he's great in romantic drama. he's best in last christmas.
21. Xianyang
Got to know him in Tokyo Love Story, a great actor.
22. Boogoo8
He's one of the best artists I like so very much!
23. NaomiMaeda
Started to like him after watching Amalfi movie.
24. Maple_Rabbit
I registered just to vote for him. Enough said.
25. Doramafan113
Great Actor good in everything has been in.
26. yuji88
Great actor! I enjoy watching his dramas!
27. BunNieMomiJi
He is a really talent actor AND singer!
28. xploring
Impressive in Okane ga nai! and Odoru
29. saito
one of the best actor in Japan.
30. hendry
great actor wiyh a great talent

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