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Kubozuka Yosuke 窪塚洋介 ( Yosuke Kubozuka )

NameKubozuka Yosuke
Star SignTaurus
Birthday07 May 1979
Blood TypeO

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Kubozuka Yosuke

Controversial yet secretive, Kubozuka Yousuke started his acting career by playing bit roles in drama series like GTO and Heaven Can't Wait. Despite the slow st...

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Filmography (14)
Kaidan Hyaku Shosetsu [2002]
Story 6 "Werewolf"
Laundry [2002]
Long Love Letter [2002]
Asami Akio
Nanbaa Wan [2001]
Strawberry on the shortcake [2001]
Saeki Tetsuya
Ikebukuro West Gate Park [2000]
Takashi "King"
Omiai kekkon [2000]
大畑 純一
Mouichido kisu [2000]
Saegusa Ayumu
三枝歩 (20)
Soshite, tomodachi [2000]
Lipstick [1999]
Tengoku ni ichiban chikai otoko [1999]
Yuki Satoru
結城サトル (21)
GTO [1998]
Kikuchi Yoshito
Wakaba no koro [1996]
Kindaichi shonen no jikenbo 1 [1995]
金田一少年の事件簿 1

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Kubozuka Yousuke Club (Yahoo)
A haven to appreciate this talented actor.

Users who voted for this artiste (180)
1. Sorata
I watched him in 4 doramas GTO, Long Love Letter, S.O.S., IWGP and in the movie GO, and he really stood out in all the parts he played.
But i only became a fan when i watched him play "The King" Takashi on IWGP, it�Ls by far the best character i ever seen in a j-dorama; his antics, body language, way of talk, everything was off the chart on the King character, Kubozuka really pulled a stelar performance. I found the movie Go a little boring but Kubozuka�Ls performnce was worthid all the awards he won.
2. Viirastus
He played the coolest character in one of my favorite dramas (I mean his role as Takashi/King in IWGP) and I think it's enough to become my favorite actor. Now I started to watch Long Love Letter and I like him as Asami-sensei also. Though, these roles are really different. I have only seen few of his roles but still think that he's idiosyncratic and definitely a good actor. And his voice, it's surely very unique and beautiful.
3. compaqmac321
this guy is funny, not to mention he always out shines every one in every drama (with the exception of nagase tomoya in IWGP) his acting style cant be copied, he can be serious, funny, crazy, timid, or retarded, it doesnt matter he can do it. hopefully he can get back on track since he was side lined with his little incident, because he's dope
4. princess
Man! I love him to bits! He is such a GOOD ACTOR! I've watched quite a few dramas by him and it was wacthing Ikebukuro West Gate park that i started to take notice of him. His movies are also very good as well as his dramas!
I loook forward to see him act more in dramas, maybe become the main main main character in a drama?
5. michiru3
soooo cute! i like his acting too, the smart snobby aleck kind. Then I saw him in Ping Pong, acting like a nerd, and he's great too! He's pretty, versatile, and fun to watch. I wanna see more of his stuff! But he needs to grow his hair back. His GTO hair is so nice......
6. supersumoCG
from what ive seen in gto and sos, he is a great actor. a switch from a nerdy, stuck-up, dude in gto, to a serious playboy attitude, mature, i dunno... in sos, it was just a big character switch, and i think only good actors can do that, switch styles and do it good.
7. Kotori
My abosolute favourite actor of all!!! He was just great in Long love Letter! He can play every role and has no standard role... that's so impressive! Of course he is good looking, too! ^-^ Give me just one small picture in a second I will tell you that's Yosuke! XD
8. jgal
All i can say is how this man is an absoulte genious! he's amazing at playing different roles...he's been away for a while but his up coming movie's going to be absolutly amazing!! LOVED HIM IN GO!!! and his eyes r so mysterious...
9. kumukurukuk
I love this guy!!!!, Ihe has a certain appeal, and i think he's cute...too bad he's married, First saw him in pingpong then in GTO, I will definitely see all his movies and dramas. if ever I go to japan I will go hunt this man!!!!
10. Anego
Definately a man with talent. He can play a deliquent, a teacher, a retard, a crazy ping pong player, boxer and a smart-ass computer kid, yet thats still not the limit to his acting. Awesome talent, that needs to go all the way.
11. chinita18
He's the first japanese actor that caught my eye. Not only he is good looking but he is DEFINITELY a VERY GOOD ACTOR, no doubt about that! Hands down to you Yosuke! I love him in S.O.S where I first saw him as Saeki-kun...
12. crvn107
I first watched him in GTO but he didn't leave too great an impression.Then I watched Ikebukuro West Gate Park where he acted as "King" and was totally impressed. He really is a good actor.I think I'll watch GTO again:)
13. jrockreien
Great actor!! Long Love Letter... he makes a darn good youthful teacher haha... and his annoying teenage smartass in GTO.. yet another goood chance to flant his acting skills... can't help but love him as an actor!
14. leilawinters
At once subtle and bold, his performances in IWGP, Omiai Kekkon, and Ping Pong leave no doubt in my mind that Kubozuka Yosuke is a highly talented and underrated actor. Absolutely a joy to watch at every turn.
15. mmyy
Besides being an excellent versatile actor, he also has a very cute-ish voice that tends to enhance the characters he portrays. His good acting skill makes me want to watch every show he has ever acted in.
16. bettebogart
Like a chameleon, this guy can play any role. From the crazy gang leader in IWGP to the leading romantic role in Long Love Letter, I'm amazed at his acting range. He needs to get back to acting ASAP!
17. x_XJules
I love this guy sooo much! He is so weird and so funny. I adore him in IWGP and also in ping pong. He can play serious roles too, but my favorite are his weird ones. this guy is just soo cool.
18. EstherM
One of the few daring alternative artists. He�Ls a bit troubled and probably not reliable but he doesn�Lt deserve to be snubbed by a film industry who produces JE clones without personality!
19. karen69
I have to say that he's another fahsion icon. His way of acting is very inspiring and refreshing. I noticed him since 'IWGP' and he is capable in acting any roles. He is very talented.
20. whowhatme
This guy is just terrific, I love his strange personality. His acting always makes me laugh (in a good way). Great in GTO, and in the move GO, and in SOS, and Long Love Letter.
21. JuLy
love his acting with unique acent at SOS...so different from his appearance at GTO, cant wait to watch Pingpong as his great movies (still on waiting list at the DVD's shop)
22. meowxxmix
Ahhh he's so kawaii, not to mention he's a TERRIFIC actor! He's so quirky and charming, and he's just got something other actors in jdramas don't tend to have.
23. amaranth
Great in the movie Laundry, great in GTO, great in Strawberry On The Shortcake... and all three roles are very different. What does that tell you? T-A-L-E-N-T
24. Leyy
he's one of the best actors i've seen...he doesn't act..he is the character he portrays. love his impish smile..one of the most intense actors i've seen!!!!
25. chaos
The most talented and promising Japanese young actor. He has unique charm and brings souls to his characters, not just a star, he is definitely an actor!
26. akiha
didn't he jump off a building? as an actor, i vaguely remember him in "number one"...he played a typical directionless punk. not very distinguishable.
27. Shareholdersequity1
Versatile actor who made movies made in Japan that were still unpopular fun to watch. Recommend Go! for a good drama movie and Ping Pong for comedy.
28. Michelly789
Plays supporting roles very well. Is it just me or does he often get paired with older women? Maybe he just comes off as being really mature.
29. mrose
kubozuka's acting in laundry is just outstanding. kub0zuka yousuke is one of the few actors who can get away with roles like that in laundry.
30. Eikichi24
Yosuke is MA DOG! I loved his character in the series. He was the definition of smart and cool in the series. Among the student roles anyway.

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