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Ikuta Toma 生田斗真 ( Toma Ikuta )

NameIkuta Toma
JPop GroupJohnny�fs Jr.
Star SignLibra
Birthday07 October 1984
Blood TypeA
Height173 cm

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Filmography (16)
Ouroboros [2015]
Ryuzaki Ikuo
Gunshi Kanbee [2014]
Takayama Ukon
Osozaki no Himawari [2012]
Kodaira Joutarou
Unubore Deka [2010]
one of Unubore 5, Unubore's friend, an actor
Majo Saiban [2009]
Yoshioka Toru
Voice [2009]
Ishimatsu Ryosuke
Maou [2008]
Serizawa Naoto
Hachimitsu to Kuroba [2008]
Takemoto Yuta
竹本祐太 (20)
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e [2007]
Nakatsu Shuichi
Hana Yori Dango Season 2 [2007]
Oribe Junpei
Akihabara@DEEP [2006]
Asuka e, Soshite Mada Minu Ko e [2005]
Sawamura Kazuya
Dekabeya [2005]
Ochi Yukio
越智由紀夫 (25)
Hito ni Yasashiku [2002]
人にやさしく / 3ピース
Never Land [2001]
Seto Osamu
Love and peace [1998]

Users who voted for this artiste (194)
1. xEternal
Amazing actor. Took on such a giant and challenging role in Hana Kimi as Nakatsu and definitely aced it. Did quite well in Honey and Clover as Takemoto, as well as the minor role in HanaYoriDango 2.

GOD he looks good in Nakatsu-mode!

I heard he does live acting the best though. I really wish that I can see one of his performances one day.

Toma needs more publicity because compared to the people he's in work with in Johnny's, such as Jun, Yamapi, and Jin, because his popularity is really low, even though he does really well with his singing and acting. I really hope that he gets more good main roles in good dramas!

Help this wonderful aspiring actor to reach the top, people <3
2. chaos
Hmm, his Nakatsu stole the show in Hana-Kimi (and the reason Hana-Kimi is worth repeated viewing in my book). His Nakatsu IS the epitome of high school life and joy: fun, fearless, childlike enthusiasm, full of energy, sincere, added with healthy dose of self-doubt, confusion, and identity crisis...

And to think that he was able to pull off almost diametral personality of the troubled Oribei Junpei in Hanadan2 so well... Hmm, honestly, Ikuta-kun, I don't care about you singing, but you MUST seriously consider acting for life! You will fly high!

I often wonder... had he been the Domyouji Tsukasa instead...
3. Fye_D.Flowright
A new star born for jdorama. Such a talented guy..he can act as funny high school student in HanaKimi.., or an evil one in HYD 2..or a hot-headed boy in Hito ni Yasashiku..what else? he can act in any role! And he can make it better when it come to stage play. When it comes to stage play, how many actor can appear as a real actor and act as stage actor? He did it nicely..also in singing and dancing. But, to me he is better as an actor and stage player because there is...he shines most
4. riyana_rythe
I fell in love with him when I saw him nearly 3 years ago in Shounen Club. After that, my love for him grows by the day and I won't forget the day I met him, he was nice and really good-looking. I bet everyone starting to notice him after his Hanakimi appearance, but his earlier works should be appreciated too- he is such a good actor starting from age 10. A notable actor with a million watt smile. And not to forget, his close friendship with Takki, Tsubasa and Yamashita.
5. akira luver
this boy is just great...i luv his acting...he can be either very bad or very nice and he act his roles very convincing...he also can sing and dance very good...he got a great future ahead him...i hope he will act in more dramas n stageplay..he is a very good actor n very handsome as well..i luv him as junpei in hyd2 and also in cat in the red boots...can wait for his coming drama hana kimi with shun n maki
6. armel
Why Nakatsu didn't end up with Mizuki (yes, I KNOW how the manga ends) despite the fact that he was miles above Sano in every way (more cute, funny, nice, sexy plus he did the AWESOME and hilarious internal monologues) is utterly beyond me!

This vote is for a fantastic, totally sexy actor who deserved to be first place, not a consolation prize.

Go Ikuta, you sexy Japanese man! <3
7. joychin
Yay!! I'm so glad toma manage to catch up with yamapi!! After 3 years.......now you're better than ever XD. Didn't regret being a big fan of you ^^. I'm so glad toma manage to catch up with yamapi!! It's revenge time.....hehe..... . Toma looks better last time though. He lost a lot of weight already. Love him in hanazakari no kimitachi e.
8. yUuriko
toma deserve an award for his acting in hana kimi...he did well...he was just right for the character and he's so kawaii...the funny scenes of him...i'm not tired of watching it over and over...and he look different in hana yori dango 2 as oribe junpei...there he is mature looking while in hana kimi he's a boy-next-door...
9. JuLy
definitely the next BIG thing!!
seeing him as the antagonist Oribe Junpei at Hanadan 2 and the funniest, funkiest, cheerfull Nakatsu Shuichi at Hanazakari no Kimitachi e...theres no doubt for his acting skiLL!!
He is also great at modelling, not much celebrities can show many different face in photos ^^
10. tetsukei
He deserves to be a star. Good looks with great timing for humour, and apparently a good actor (have to watch more of his shows to confirm that). Smart young man! Some angles of him remind me of the attitude of Kimura Takuya, only that he is a cuter, sunnier version. Go Toma-san, fellow Libran!
11. Tegorin-Kun
I love him, he'd adorable, and awesome at entertaining. He's a great actor and has A LOT of potential. I wish Johnny would freaking debut him as a singer! It's getting me quite angry! All of his friends debuted, and he hasn't! The hell does Johnny have against him?! Grr Johnny! D<
12. shyrain
i like toma-kun so much he's so kawaii and kakkoii... i find him funny... i'm one of his fans... i loved his every drama & play... keep up the good work. he's so talented in everything singing, dancing, acting, watever u name it... i'll support u ol the way! n_n YAY!
13. ayumihamasakisan
He totally pulled off Nakatsu in Hana Kimi, yet he totally pulled off Oribe in Hana Yori Dango. So he's really a versatile actor, one at the level of F4. Ahaha. :)

But seriously. He has extremely good emotion, and can really pull off any role, good or bad.
14. ohikaenasutte
double personality in HYD2 & sexually confused guy in Hana Kimi, he sure have very good talent. I'm not sure the acting style of his character in Hana Kimi was original by him or not, but he's so freaking hillarious in it! That's why I want to vote him.
15. t1n9
simply cute, funny n good in acting!! sounds not bad singing too =] you go BABY!

despite junpei being evil, i still cant make myself hate you. haha. nakatsu is simply hilarious n funny but sweet at the same time. box is a freaking neat freak.
16. misssuoh
Kawaiiii!! He is a very good actor specially in Hanazakari no Kimitachi e!! He is so funny there and when the drama scene entes,I really can't help myself but cry!!
Chotto matte Toma-san!! Someday,I'm gonna meet you!!
17. Nermal
I have to say that while Ikuta Toma is good on camera, people should really go see him on stage. That`s where he shines the most! (I am talking stage plays here, not concerts! Although he is a decent singer and a great dancer.
18. mmyy
Toma is always at his best in any role he plays. He's a natural in front of the camera. It's always pleasant to him in dramas and the mere mention of his name in a cast excites me to catch the series. A very happening actor.
19. souma
i LOVE him!!!!i think he's the perfect entertainer ^^ good voice, great acting, funny, nice personality, great MC, handsome (of course hehe) and also smart.. wish i can see him more on drama n he'll get the main role.
20. beryl_28
loved his performance in Hanazakari no Kimitachi e as Nakatsu!!! How can anyone be so kawaii like him! A multi-talented artist who can act,sing,participate in stage plays etc. Definitely a star to look out for!
21. suzzy
funny guy
i must say wonderful
well boy is handsome right
nice smile and he could act he has a lot to offer and u h=can see that throught the roles they give him
so u go boy and do ur thing
22. Naiy
I love Ikuta Toma!!
He's a great actor, great singer... he's a real artist!
He's just adorable!!
kinda feel sorry for him, 'cause Johnny hasn't debut him as a singer.
either way he's just perfect XD~
23. Shanni


good singer AND actor


24. Gork
Toma deserves more love so I gotta give him a vote! he was super super adorable in Hana Kimi! gahhh the role fit him perfectly and he stole the show! hope to see him in more dramas in the future ^_^
Absolutely amazing as Nakatsu in Hana-Kimi - the star of the show! I was impressed by his range as an an actor; he had me rolling with laughter and just as easily had tears rolling down my cheeks.
26. Harlequin Musette
Oh! I didn't much like him as Oribe Junpei in Hana Yori Dango season 2, but as Nakatsu Shuichi in Hanazakari no Kimitachi e he totally kicked butts. I fell in love with him from that role! <3333
27. phlargo
One of the highlights of Honey and Clover. I don't know if he was what I'd call a great actor in it, but the role was so much better cast than the anime, I couldn't help but really enjoy him!
28. Teenah
Saw him in Hana Kimi and I totally fell in love with him. And his acting! He's so funny, he can pull jokes, and he's best in Comedy. He can be a Comedian! Great actor!! (And singer-dancer!)
29. rahci akumatsu
toma! kakkoi! nakatsu~san! BOX! oribe junpei!


kawaii!!!!!! kakkoi!!!

he's a good actor!

and he's a good singer and dancer!

i wish more drama to come for toma
30. blitzace_roshin
i like him
he is pretty good in acting
especially in hanazakari no kimitachi e
i almost laugh to death watching his funny funny scenes
he is one of the best actor in asia

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