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Suzuki Honami 鈴木保奈美 ( Honami Suzuki )

NameSuzuki Honami
Star SignLeo
Birthday14 August 1966
Blood TypeA
B/W/H80 / 58 / 85

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Suzuki Honami

Shot to fame in the jdrama classic - Tokyo Love Story. She became a household name and continued producing quality dramas such as Koibito yo and News no Onna.

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Filmography (20)
Samurai Gourmet [2017]
Non Mama Hakusho [2016]
Doi Reiko
土井玲子 (49)
Iyana Onna [2016]
Kotani Natsuko
Watashi wo Mitsukete [2015]
Toudou Yuuko
SMOKING GUN ~Ketteiteki Shoko~ [2014]
Chiyoda Maki
Kazoku Game [2013]
Numata Kayoko
Gou ~ Himetachi no Sengoku [2011]
江 ~ 姫たちの戦国
News no onna [1998]
Souri to yobanai de [1997]
Boku ga boku de aru tame ni [1997]
Furuhata Ninzaburo Season 2 [1996]
古畑任三郎 2
Umi ga kikoeru [1995]
Koibito yo [1995]
Kono yo no hate [1994]
Sunada Maria
Ai to iu nano moto ni [1992]
Fujigi Takako
Gogatsu no Kaze [1991]
Tokyo Love Story [1991]
Akana Rika
Koi no paradise [1990]
Light my Heart! [1989]
Kimi ga uso o tsuita [1988]

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Users who voted for this artiste (50)
1. Lucian Dureau
She is the secret of the popularity and success of Tokyo Love Story. Her performance as Rika was really touching and awesome. Thanks to her, the ending of that dorama was unforgettable, even nowadays. Along with Atsuko Asano, one of the references in the early 90's.
2. qwiksXnd
As Will Ferrel would say she's a very classy babe. Its suprising how attractive she is, considering she doesnt play characters who are "supposed" to be good looking. Great actress, probably one of the best actresses in Japan.
3. aki21
An interesting actress. She really brings her role to life. First saw her in News no Onna (they called it Anchor Woman, in my country). I'd like to see her other stuff but I don't know how to get my hands on them.
4. Larc
I never cared for a character as much as hers in Tokyo Love Story. Her performance was amazing. Kanji is an idiot! But we all know that nice guys finish last and girls go for that type, unfortunately.
5. kyo452
i love her characters and style. i seen so many artists but suzuki is the one act so lively. and one more thing suzuki have a sweet smile, to me maybe girls like her born 100 once.
6. tetsukei
Unforgettable sunny disposition, unmistakable voice. She is the one and only Suzuki Honami, the actress that brought Japanese drama to its heights all over Asia in the 1990s.
7. iamhuzhe
I like her dorama so much that I can't cite a reason for it. I am a reasonable person, but when come to Suzuki's dorama, my sensibility overcomes my sense.
8. grimrock
One of the best in the 90's!! Was heartbroken when she got married and had kids. Have not seen her since!! Hopefully she comes back again!!
9. Genma
I will always remember her for her performance in Tokyo Love Story. Never have I felt such so strongly to support a drama character.
10. gomibagu
Very talented actress. Loved her in Kono Yo No Hate, News no Onna, Koibitoyo, etc. Wish she had made more dramas though.
11. hidezawa_himeko
she's so charismatic and elegant, her strong performance in tokyo love story and news no onna make her unforgetable..
12. Frits
fell for her since tokyo love story..,, can't forget the cheerfull riika akana, she's my fave character in dorama..
13. warren.mcclendon
Another actress who has not been in a lot of dramas. But has played a wide range of roles and done so superbly
14. ilovetakuya
She's a great actress. Tokyo Love Story was a success because of her. Too bad she's not acting anymore..:(
15. adhi-kun
Tokyo Love Story was a great dorama due to Honami's character. That alone deserved a vote
16. ffrostte
She is the classics from Jdorama!! Too bad she isn't acting any more these days ...
17. Boogoo8
She's super gorgeous both looking and acting! Wish she will be back and act again!
18. naoki_kotoko
i think she is the best japanese actress...i've never disappointed with her acting
19. owllo
An unforgetable actress. Will stay in my memory forever.
20. Maple_Rabbit
great performance in Tokyo Love Story and News no onna!
21. Signo
Tokyo Love Story and Suzuki Honami are inseparable!
22. UWFShooter
Beautiful and talented. Plain and simply, a legend.
23. darkwingaa
Good actress. Shame she didn't star in more roles.
24. sgchuah
Best in Tokyo Love Story. Worth a vote!
25. arnel98
great performance in tokyo love story
26. z_dane
kirei....ongna...in news no ongna
27. ery-chan
Aso Tamaki, need I say more? lol
28. WD
Great actress & very pretty!
29. tzanth
This is a vote for Rika!
30. serewen
the most best actress.

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