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Ame ga Furu to Kimi wa Yasashii [雨が降ると君は優しい]

Drama Details
Title:Ame ga Furu to Kimi wa Yasashii
Season:Fall 2017

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TV Station:Hulu

Tachiki Nobuo works for a publishing company. His boss Kurata Kazuma has appointed him the deputy editor of the monthly literary magazine Story File which is due to launch. He is extremely busy and hardly goes back to the home he bought in the suburbs but he and his wife Aya are deeply in love and live a happy married life. Aya was a model for a female magazine and became a helper at a home for the elderly after marriage. However, she has a secret which boggles the imagination. She cannot control her own impulses to have sex with complete male strangers on bright, sunny days. Because Aya truly loves Nobuo, she carries heavy guilt over her actions and has a deep self-loathing. With grim determination, she visits a well-known counsellor Kobayakawa Shiho and tries to overcome her sexual addiction without her husband’s knowledge. But she soon feels an overwhelming urge and has a rendezvous with a man she met through an online dating site. When the two of them see each other, they are both lost for words. The man is Nobuo’s colleague Mochizuki Shunsuke. Aya is shaken and flees. Mochizuki Nobuo cannot resist secretly consulting colleagues who know Nobuo and Aya about how he should deal with this. But this later brings about a terrible situation. Meanwhile, Aya is ambushed by a man whom she met through an online dating site in the past and forced into a relationship again. And then, and incident happens that plunges Nobuo in hell. He is in a dilemma when he learns about Aya’s sexual addiction. Will he still be able to love her? These newly weds face the ultimate trial.
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