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Bangaku no Issho [盤嶽の一生]

Drama Details
Title:Bangaku no Issho
The Life of Bangaku
Telecast:2002-03-05 to 2002-06-18
Season:Winter 2002

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TV Station:Fuji TV
Duration:9 Episodes

"The Life of Bangaku" is one of the works of prewar popular literature author Hyoji Shirai. Shirai captivated readers with his stories that ran for ten years in literary journals beginning in 1932.

The main character of this story, Bangaku Ajikawa, is a completely honest ronin (master-less samurai) that can't overlook the evil, deceit and illegitimacy in the world around him. Because of his bright outlook on life and unique character, Bangaku never seems to lose hope even when he is betrayed or deceived by others.

"Bangaku Ajikawa" starring Denjiro Ookouchi, was made as a movie in 1933 by brilliant director Sadao Yamanaka. Yamanaka not only directed the movie but wrote the script as well. The scenario for the television drama by Fuji Television and Eizo Kyoto Film Co., in which Bangaku fights against the evil in the world, is based on the original by Yamanaka.

The only regular cast member for this drama is Yakusho, as Bangaku. Each week will offer a new guest with a very distinct personality that will take audiences by surprise.

The guests for the first story will be none other than Kyoka Suzuki, Tsuyoshi Ujiki and Saburo Ishikura. Each episode will have lots in store for Bangaku as he is taken advantage of by those that he crosses paths with.
Fuji TV

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Actor/Actress Cast (1)
Yakusho Koji
Bangaku Ajikawa