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Banjou no Himawari [盤上の向日葵]

Drama Details
Title:Banjou no Himawari
Telecast:2019-09-08 to
Season:Summer 2019

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TV Station:NHK BS Premium

In 1994, a skeleton is discovered in the mountains of Saitama Prefecture. Detective Ishiba Tsuyoshi (Otomo Kohei) from the prefectural police and Sano Naoko (Renbutsu Misako), who has become a police officer after withdrawing from the apprentice association under the Japan Shogi Association, search for the owner of a famous shogi piece that was buried together with the dead body. At the same moment, the maverick Kamijo Keisuke (Chiba Yudai), who has become a professional shogi player without going through the apprentice association after switching from the business world, challenges six-time title holder Mibu Yoshiki. He wins in the early stages of the game. As Kamijo is being interviewed by a shogi magazine, he recalls his childhood when he picked up a shogi magazine that was thrown out as rubbish in his hometown of Suwa in Nagano Prefecture. Back in 1972, Kamijo was a poor elementary school student. With the wholehearted support of a retired teacher called Karasawa Koichiro (Emoto Akira), he quickly grew fascinated with shogi. He soon met the legendary Tomei Shigeyoshi (Takenaka Naoto), who went by the nickname “demon slayer” and plays shogi for big money. This started turning the gears of their destinies.
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