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Bridesmaid at the marriage ceremony hall [花王ファミリースペシャル]

Drama Details
Title:Bridesmaid at the marriage ceremony hall
Season:Fall 1996

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TV Station:KTV
Duration:9 Episodes

The marriage ceremony is one of the most important events in your life. The couple's respective parents and relatives have different thoughts and expectations on the ceremony, and it sometimes gets so complicated and even the couple themselves may have some problems. You spend so much money and time in preparation, and it could go totally wrong if any of the elements does not match well. Now, you need this wonder woman, Hanayome-kaizoenin. She is not exactly equivalent to 'bridesmaid' because she works for the hall and is not a friend of the bride's. The Kaizoenin coordinates eveything about the ceremony and following party, and tries to make everyone happy. It is very interesting to see various human dramas through the Kaizoenin. Tamako (Etsuko Ichihara) is a Hanayome-kaizoenin. People do not usually like her when they meet her for the first time because she is a 'busybody'. But as they get to know her cheerful and kind personality, they start adoring her. Tamako's daughter, Masami (Rie Miyazawa) is, unlikely her mother, a very steady girl. She works part-time at the same marriage hall as her mother, playing organ at a chapel or serving as an assistant to a Shrine priest. She encourages her mother who often gets in troubles and makes mistakes. Now, Tamako is going to serve another bride today. Let's see what will happen this time!
Fuji Creative

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Actor/Actress Cast (2)
Ichihara Etsuko
Miyazawa Rie