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Chase Chapter 1 [チェイス 第1章]

Drama Details
Title:Chase Chapter 1
チェイス 第1章
Season:Winter 2017

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TV Station:Amazon Prime

An incident makes Aizawa Mai, a rookie assistant director who works for a satellite broadcasting station, notice a discrepancy in the unsolved serial murders of five little girls which took place 27 years ago. She suggests a programme on these unsolved cases as her programme proposal. Unfortunately, it is rejected. However, her boss Hasegawa Tadashi sees the potential in the proposal and brings his old friend Mikami Kazuki, a freelance journalist, and Mai together. Neither Mikami nor Mai get along very well with each other but they begin the “chase” for the truth. The method was the same in all five murders and the dead bodies were discovered along the same riverbank. Out of the five murders, a case was built for the third based on the results of the DNA test and a man was convicted. The remaining four cases went unsolved. Why was the man considered guilty only in the third murder? Why was he not charged for the previous two? Why did cases still occur in the same method even after the man was apprehended as the murderer? As Mikami and Mai fumble about in the investigation, they hypothesise that the person serving time in prison might have been falsely charged. Was the DNA test at that time really accurate? The programme on unsolved murders hunts for the truth. Hasegawa who has ignited half-rotten journalism in satellite broadcasting, gets the announcer Saito Makiko, who has absolute power within the station, involved and finally manages to broadcast the programme. Mikami and Mai pursue the truth in the limited time they have before it goes on air. However, the more they investigate the murders, the more they learn about its darkness. The truth is an “untouchable” taboo which entwines the police, the National Research Institute of Police Science, justice and power of the state. What are the limits of the media? However, they begin to expose the truth which was shrouded in darkness through true journalism.
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