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Denei Shoujo ~ Video Girl AI 2018 [電影少女 ~ VIDEO GIRL AI 2018]

Drama Details
Title:Denei Shoujo ~ Video Girl AI 2018
電影少女 ~ VIDEO GIRL AI 2018
Season:Winter 2018

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TV Station:TV Tokyo
Science fiction

Moteuchi Sho is an ordinary high school student. His parents have divorced and he has to stay alone in the vacant house of his father’s young brother Moteuchi Yota who is an author of picture books. Sho secretly likes his beautiful classmate Shibahara Nanami. However, she fancies his good friend Furuya Tomoaki. Tomoaki who knows Sho’s feelings, pretends not to notice that Nanami likes him. Things do not go well both at home and at school. One night, Sho suddenly hears a noise from inside the closet. When he opens the door, he finds a video tape and an old, damaged VHS videocassette recorder. He seems drawn to the recorder and struggles to repair it. Then a video suddenly starts to play and a mysterious girl called Amano Ai appears. She jumps out from the screen all of a sudden. Oddly enough, Sho finds himself living together with her. 25 years ago, his uncle had lived together with Ai, the video girl. She was stored with the videocassette recorder and supposed to have been sleeping. Sho’s uncle tells him that Ai, the video girl, only appears to youth with pure hearts. She has been resurrected for three months, and once the entire tape is played back, she will return to VHS. Despite Sho’s initial bewilderment, he gradually begins to accept her ...
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