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Eien no kimi he [永遠の君へ]


Drama Details
Title:Eien no kimi he
Eternally Yours
Season:Spring 2004

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TV Station:Tokai TV
Duration:65 Episodes

The story unfolds through the eyes of two characters: Haruki Asakura, a high school music teacher, and Kyoji Hiyama, the owner of a nightclub. At first, the two are like oil and water, since they come from such different backgrounds. But eventually, they come to understand each other and fall in love. Unfortunately, the couple is unaware of a fateful secret that connects them. Long ago, Kyoji's mother Shizue was raped by Haruki's father, and gave birth to Kyoji—making him, Haruki's half-brother.

Kyoji becomes furious when he learns this dark secret, and in an attempt to overcome his despair, sleeps with Haruki—knowing she's his sister. After that fateful night, Haruki wants more from Kyoji and decides to live with him. But eventually, Haruki also comes to know the heavy burden of the crime that Kyoji committed. Before Kyoji realizes it, Haruki's inability to bear the guilt leads to mental illness. The two are unaware that there exists yet another dark secret—a crime committed by Haruki's mother Saeko...

No matter how much it hurts them, Kyoji and Haruki do not give up on their love. What does destiny have in store for the couple?
Fuji TV

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. プロローグ [Breath]

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