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Enka ~Gold Rush~ [煙霞]

Drama Details
Title:Enka ~Gold Rush~
Telecast:2015-07-18 to 2015-08-08
Season:Summer 2015

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TV Station:Wowow TV
Duration:4 Episodes

©Wowow TV

Art instructor Kumagai works for a private Osaka high school for girls, but his salary is at a discount to certified teachers. Sakai, the school's chairman, runs the school like his own. One day, Kumagai is approached by music teacher, Naoko and physical education teacher Oyamada who seek to confront Sakai with proof of his wrongdoings and secure their own positions. Things are still going well up to the point they boldly venture into the apartment of Sakai's mistress, Akemi. But after that, Sakai and Akemi disappear. The couple seem to have been kidnapped by the geducation consultantsh Minowa and Nakao for some reason. Kumagai and Nahoko unwittingly get involved in a scheme to steal the vast amount of gold bars which are Sakai's hidden assets. Who are the real criminals? They deceive and get deceived as a struggle for the gold bars begins around Osaka and Kobe.
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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. Lady Blues [Takahata Mitsuki 高畑充希]

Actor/Actress Cast (7)
Moriyama Mirai
Kumagai Toru
熊谷透 (31)
Takahata Mitsuki
Masamoto Naoko
正木菜穂子 (26)
Onoue Hiroyuki
小山田 (31)
Katsura Bunchin
Sakai Yuzo
酒井祐三 (70)
Nakamura Yuri
Morino Akemi
守野朱実 (30)
Kinoshita Hoka
Minowa Katsuhisa
箕輪克久 (49)
Kimura Yuichi
Nakao Shuichi
中尾秀一 (48)

Cast Correlation Chart
Enka ~Gold Rush~ [煙霞] Chart
©Wowow TV

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