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Eve ~santa claus dreaming~ [イヴ]


Drama Details
Title:Eve ~santa claus dreaming~
Telecast:1997-10-16 to 1997-12-18
Season:Fall 1997

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TV Station:Fuji TV

Ikariya (the old cop from Odoru Daisousasen) played the assisstant to some influential figure whose daughter was all messed up, and who comes to Karasawa (who plays the psychiatrist Koizumi Santa) and asks him to counsel the daughter without her knowledge. Since Santa is a compulsive gambler he's hard up for money and takes the job even though he's queasy about the ethics. Turns out that she's the same girl he took to the hospital nine months earlier when she had passed out drunk (on the roof of Fuji's Odaiba) preparing to jump. As it happens she woke up in the hospital and saw Santa's best friend Takahashi (a surgeon) holding the Santa Claus hat Santa had been wearing (it was Christmas Eve), and it turns into a very complicated love triangle.

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (2)
1. Mother [Puffy]LYRICS ]
2. Be The Man [Celine Dion]

Actor/Actress Cast (11)
Sorimachi Takashi
Karasawa Toshiaki
Hazuki Riona
Takahashi Katsunori
Ikariya Chosuke
Onuki Ami
Yoshimura Yumi
Kashiwabara Takashi
Yamada Hanako
Hoshino Mari
Hayashi Ryuzo

Drama Reviews (1)
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1. Sorimachi Takashi is not included in this drama! [Rating: 8/10]
Sorimachi Takashi is not included in this drama! :)
Eve ~ is a very touching story. I watched this almost 10 yrs ago and luckily was able to watch it again online. ;)
Reviewed by siaomaw on 5 April 2008

Comments From Users (3)
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do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by moonchyld [Rating: 8/10]
watched this ages ago... i remember liking this a lot thou~ at that time, it was one of the best dramas i had ever seen and it had left a deep impression on me eversince. i started to like karasawa here, but wasn't able to watch any of his dramas until his latest, shiroi kyoto. it's funny thou cuz i really don't remember kashiwabara and sorimachi to be a part of it! O_O!
2. Comments by jdfan [Rating: 7/10]
This is an above average show. Good cast but all three main the characters have a lot of emotional weaknesses! This is not a typical boy meets girl love story. I enjoyed it...
3. Comments by Super No. 1 [Rating: 6/10]
Better than average. Characters are not very likable.
4. Comments by silsil413 [Rating: ?/10]
5. Comments by ct3395 [Rating: ?/10]
6. Comments by Sakuraba Yuichiro [Rating: 5/10]
7. Comments by ken [Rating: 10/10]
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10. Comments by Reggie [Rating: 3/10]
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15. Comments by twennie66 [Rating: 6/10]
16. Comments by koool [Rating: 5/10]
17. Comments by norani [Rating: 5/10]
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19. Comments by CHARA [Rating: 7/10]
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26. Comments by siaomaw [Rating: 9/10]
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28. Comments by hibiscus920 [Rating: 3/10]
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