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FACE ~ Cyber Hanzai Tokusouhan [フェイス ~ サイバー犯罪特捜班]

Drama Details
Title:FACE ~ Cyber Hanzai Tokusouhan
フェイス ~ サイバー犯罪特捜班
Season:Summer 2017

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TV Station:Amazon Prime

In the summer of 2017, there was a large explosion at a Tohto Electric coastal thermal power plant. This incident would sow the seeds of the fallout between a brother and sister who got along well. Rin’s father died of illness when she was a child. Then in her first year in high school, her mother who had work nonstop to raise two children died of that same illness. After that, Rin’s older brother Koichiro worked as a government IT engineer and he put her through university. Brother and sister lived together and supported each other. Rin is gifted in profiling and studied psychology at university. The power plant explosion is determined to be cyber terrorism. Koichiro subsequently disappears from her life without warning. Right after that, Minegishi Shugoro and Ogasawara Takuma from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Counter Cyber Terrorism Centre show up at Rin’s house. She is told that her brother was the cyber terrorist who blew up the power plant. Rin decides to become a member of FACE, a cyber crime special investigation unit, in order to find her brother. FACE was created by the Cabinet Secretariat in secret to fight against the spread of cyber crime. Rin’s first mission is to prevent terrorists from bombing a nuclear power plant. This is the beginning of a fierce battle between the vicious international cyber crime group, Intruder, and cyber crime special investigation unit, FACE.
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