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Follow Saretara Owari [フォローされたら終わり]

Drama Details
Title:Follow Saretara Owari
Telecast:2019-10-27 to
Season:Fall 2019

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TV Station:Abema TV

Nine boys and girls spent their youth together during high school. After their graduation, their bonds remained strong even when they entered the workforce and ought to have remained like this. That was until they were followed by a Twitter account. Nakamura Sotaro (Okada Kenshi) and Aoyagi Yuma (Ogawa Sara) are former high school classmates. Although they are attracted to each other, the two of them are not able to take a step forward because Yuma’s close friend Junko (Matsuda Ruka) and Sotaro used to date. As all of them get together to celebrate Junko’s upcoming wedding, they somehow start talking about the Twitter account “1 million yen CEO” which promises a chance at winning a 1 million yen lottery if they become followers. And if they are followed in return, it is a sign that they have won. All of them start to follow the account and a winner emerges. However, this is the start of the entire tragedy. They find their hidden secrets being revealed as they become the victims of relentless stalking. And they end up losing the things most important to them – family, friends, job … … They cannot escape no matter how they try and find themselves all alone and helpless both online and offline with no one they can trust.
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