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Ishi Tsubute ~ Gaimusho Kimitsuhi o Abaita Sousa Nika no Otokotachi [石つぶて]

Drama Details
Title:Ishi Tsubute ~ Gaimusho Kimitsuhi o Abaita Sousa Nika no Otokotachi
Season:Fall 2017

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TV Station:Wowow TV

Saimi Teruaki is assigned to head the White Collar Crime Information Section of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Second Investigation Division. The obstinate detective Kizaki Mutsuto, whom he had joint investigations with during his Fourth Investigation Division days, belongs to this section. At this moment, Kizaki is at the office of a former Diet lawmaker whom he visits frequently to gather information. He learns that a non-career officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is suspected of bribery just when Kyushu-Okinawa Summit is fixed. It is a period where an outrageous budget has been decided for the ministry. Kizaki cannot contain his excitement at the allegation against the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which is considered untouchable even among the ministries and government offices. However, he has had experience of being crushed by political pressure after investigation information against the Cabinet Office was leaked so he completely refuses to share investigation information even with his superiors. Saimi’s intuition tells him that Kizaki is targeting a great opponent in the form of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He emphasises the madness of investigating alone and tries to get close to Kizaki. Meanwhile, this allegation against the Ministry of Foreign Affairs soon develops into a big case which shakes the government and bureaucracy, and the wall of the nation stands in front of them.
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