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Itsuka, Nemuri ni Tsuku Hi [いつか、眠りにつく日]

Drama Details
Title:Itsuka, Nemuri ni Tsuku Hi
Telecast:2019-03-12 to
Season:Winter 2019

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TV Station:Fuji on Demand

Morino Hotaru (Otomo Karen) is a second year high school student who has had an unrequited crush on Otaka Ren (Kai Shoma) since junior high school. One day, while on a school trip with Ren and her good friend Yamamoto Shiori (Kita Noa), their bus gets into an accident. When Hotaru wakes up, she is told by Kuro (Koseki Yuta) who is dressed fully in black, “I’m your guide. Morino Hotaru, listen carefully. You are dead.” Hotaru learns that if she does not get over her attachment to three things within 49 days, she will end up becoming a ghost bound to a specific physical location. And so, Hotaru sets out to settle the three lingering regrets with the limited time she has, in the company of Kuro.
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