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Itsuka Tiffany de Choushoku wo [つかティファニーで朝食を]

Drama Details
Title:Itsuka Tiffany de Choushoku wo
A Girl's Breakfast
Season:Fall 2015

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TV Station:NTV


Four ladies have been friends since they were classmates in high school. Now as working women, they do breakfasts to reflect on their love life, lifestyle, and their own self. Although life is a bumpy road, they keep moving forward as optimistically as they can. This is a drama that depicts their personal growth as they discover themselves.

One works a corporate job, one works at night, another is an instructor, and the fourth is a wife and motherc whether itfs at work or at home, they each have their own struggles. This is a depiction of life stories that hit close to home and ring true for a great number of women who face their own problems and grow along the way.

Supplements, sweets, and canned coffee. Such is the breakfast of Mariko Sato (Reina Triendl), who has been living with her boyfriend for seven years. They started living together thinking that they could enjoy breakfast every morning with lots of love and smiles.
Mariko rarely sees her high school friends, but one morning, they get together to talk about her boyfriend issues. Over breakfast, she decides to break up with him so she can find a new gMariko.h

And so her days of having ideal breakfasts begin. Noriko, Risa, and Shiori discover that they too can do something about their problems. Follow these four ladies as they face their various problems and grow, all the while enjoying delicious breakfasts.

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. alarm [Silent Siren]

Actor/Actress Cast (4)
Triendl Reina
Sato Mariko
Mori Kanna
Akutsu Noriko
Araki Yuko
Arai Risa
Tokunaga Eri
Nasu Shiori

Cast Correlation Chart
Itsuka Tiffany de Choushoku wo [つかティファニーで朝食を] Chart

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Comments From Users (1)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by daniela [Rating: 2/10]
Watched only two episodes. I was dissapointed with this series. It was only about shop where you can have heavy breakfast or what?