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Kahogo no Kahoko [過保護のカホコ]

Drama Details
Title:Kahogo no Kahoko
Telecast:2017-07-12 to 2017-09-13
Season:Summer 2017

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TV Station:NTV
Duration:10 Episodes

Nemoto Masataka works for an insurance company. His immediate worry is the future of his only daughter Kahoko, who is going to graduate from university but keeps failing employment exams. 21-year-old Kahoko is the quintessential child who grew up completely pampered. Raised in an overly protective environment by her parents, she is somewhat of a miraculous “test tube human”. She still cannot wake up in the morning or choose the clothes to wear for the day without the help of her mother. Although Nemoto is alarmed by how overly dependent Kahoko and his wife Izumi are, he cannot let go of his daughter too. One day, Kahoko is criticised by Mugino Hajime who attends the same university and wants to become an artist. Mugino’s circumstances are completely different from hers. He was abandoned by his parents, grew up in an orphanage and holds more than two part-time jobs to put himself through university. Kahoko is told that “this kind overprotectiveness will be the end of Japan”. It is the first time she has had such barbed words directed at her. Kahoko does not get what he means and reacts with shock. Meanwhile, relatives gather at Izumi’s family home to celebrate Kahoko’s birthday. They are lax and only indulge Kahoko without questioning her upbringing. Kahoko’s cousin Ito, a high school student, is exceptionally talented with the cello and working towards her dream of becoming a professional cellist. Since Kahoko has nothing that she can be proud of, she envies Ito while her mother feels upset. Furthermore, Kahoko gets rejected by a company that her parents had believed she could join because of her father’s connections. She is told by her mother to learn homemaking so that she can be a good wife, and readily gives up on finding employment. Having failed to find the answer to the question on the purpose of working which Mugino had thrown at her previously, Kahoko turns it back on him. Mugino is privately worried about his own talent for art and the future and cannot answer. In desperation, he tells her that there’s no way someone like her who has never worked before will understand, and foists his own part-time job on her. Kahoko’s encounters with Mugino makes her realise that she is different from everybody else and sets her on a journey of self-discovery. Kahoko has been her mother’s best friend all her life and her father cannot live without her. As they become emotionally unstable from the many “firsts” that Kahoko experiences, their family begins to fall apart. That is when Kahoko herself and the people around her begin to see the strength that hides deep within.
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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. Family Song [Hoshino Gen 星野源]

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Comments From Users (2)
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1. Comments by Signo [Rating: 8/10]
Way too simple, not realistic at all. Since it's a nice fictionaly story it gets 8 points.
2. Comments by lunelle [Rating: ?/10]
great, hilarious