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Kaidan Botan Doro ~ Beauty & Fear [怪談牡丹燈籠]

Drama Details
Title:Kaidan Botan Doro ~ Beauty & Fear
Telecast:2019-10-06 to 2019-10-27
Season:Fall 2019

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TV Station:NHK BS Premium
Duration:4 Episodes

The ghost of Otsuyu (Kamishiraishi Mone), a beautiful lady who died pining of love, visits her beloved Hagiwara Shinzaburo (Nakamura Shichinosuke) every night. This is a scene from the well-known ghost story Botan Doro. The personalities and desires of Otsuyu’s father Iijima Heizaemon (Takashima Masahiro); the loyal Kurokawa Kosuke (Wakaba Ryuya) who serves the family without knowing that Heizaemon slayed his father in his younger days; Heizaemon’s exceptionally wicked wife Okuni (Ono Machiko) who plots to takeover the home; her secret lover Miyabe Genjiro (Emoto Tasuku); and the avaricious couple Tomozo (Danta Yasunori) and Omine (Inuyama Inuko) intersect in this tale of sordid human relationships, revenge and retribution.
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Comments From Users (2)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by pash [Rating: 10/10]
Allow me for once to start from...the end; namely, the ending credits: that eerily beautiful waltz, the sheer atmosphere conveyed by that fog and by the eponimous peony lantern, the creepily slow movements...and those absolutely fascinating, kimono-clad "bijin" who, with one feeble gesture, suggest we follow them - something that I suspect most of us would do, even knowing that it might not be a good idea...well, all this could serve as a perfect metaphor of the impact this dorama had on me.
Despite all the caution I might have wanted to exercise (I must confess I was quite worried that this might end up being another victim of the "westernization" of the Jdrama scene [*]), still I got drawn in right away by the perfect photography, by the very good acting, by the lovely music,
and last but not least by the sheer beauty of the afore-mentioned "bijin" gracing the ending credits - Kamishiraishi Mone and Toda Naho (BTW, the latter must have a portrait, hidden somewhere in her attic, which ages in her place; no, seriously, she's basically as attractive now as she was in "Shomuni", two whole decades earlier! I'm impressed - and hopelessly charmed, of course). Perfect 10!

[*] of course I should've known better than to fear anything like that from NHK, which instead managed to deliver a modern but at the same time loyal rendition of this traditional tale.
2. Comments by Watt [Rating: 9/10]
Great summer viewing