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Kakafukaka ~ Kojirase Otona no Sharehouse

Drama Details
Title:Kakafukaka ~ Kojirase Otona no Sharehouse
Telecast:2019-04-26 to
Season:Spring 2019

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TV Station:TBS

24-year-old Terada Aki (Morikawa Aoi) failed in her job hunt and is going through an existential crisis when she happens to meet her ex-boyfriend, Hongyo Tomoya (Nakao Masaki) who was the first guy she slept with, at a sharehouse. They unexpectedly begin sharing a bed together.
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Comments From Users (1)
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1. Comments by pash [Rating: 1/10]
Similarly to "Bungaku Shoujo", the only reason why I went and watched this dorama (or should I say, "endured this abomination until its conclusion") is the fact that I'm a big fan of Morikawa Aoi. And indeed, once again she shines through it like she always does. The big difference though is that, apart from her acting, "Bungaku Shoujo" was just "meh", while this "Kakafukaka" is plainly terrible. As I wrote while reviewing "Iguana no Musume": "Instant top10 of the WCE (Worst Ever)". If I could use only one word to describe it, that word would be "SICK!!!". Seriously, I have a question for whoever wrote this, as well as for the tv channel people who greenlighted it: "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?"
The only thing that could've saved this from getting the minimum grade would have been if one of the following two changes to the script had been applied:

1) All of a sudden, Jim Caviezel's character from "Person Of Interest" is magically trasnported inside the shared-house during the last breakfast scene, and of course he does what he's best at, shooting the male lead's kneecaps off right on the spot! (see if that brings up a reaction on that insufferable fish-face of his!)

2) Right after the last scene, an extra scene with the caption "some time later": we see a prison guard escorting the new inmate, Hongyo, to his cell. The prison guard opens the cell and introduces Hongyo's cell mate, a 7-feet, 250-pounds giant with a scary face and an evil smirk right in the middle of it: "This is Bubba, you guys are bound to get along just fine...you see, he also tends to "GET STRAIGHT TO THE POINT!". Caption: "And they lived *painfully* ever after"...