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Kanna-san! [カンナさーん!]

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Season:Summer 2017

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TV Station:TBS

Suzuki Kanna is a bubbly and big-hearted fashion designer who goes headlong into things once she sets her heart on them. Her dream is to make women around the world happy with the clothes she designs, but reality is tough – Kanna’s unique aesthetic sense is way ahead of the times and go unappreciated … … She does not fit well in the company. However, she continues to dream and remain positive as she lives happily with her handsome husband Rei and their 4-year-old son Reon. But one day, the couple’s relationship suffers a huge blow. Kanna discovers her “loving” husband’s affair with an interior designer, Kusakabe Mari, of all things. And to make matters worse, it was on the day of their son’s birthday. Kanna is enraged that Rei is unapologetic and decides to kick him out of the house. Meanwhile, their son receives an invitation to a festival at the nursery school which he attends. It will be hosted by the fathers of the school children. Kanna behaves cheerfully as always but one of the teachers Aota Sosuke notices that she is not her usual self. Worried about Reon, Kanna makes a call to her husband and asks him to participate in the festival for their son’s sake. However, Rei only gives a vague answer. On the day itself, Rei shows no sign of turning up so with grim determination, Kanna decides that she will stand in for him and go all out for the dodge ball competition. Besides contending with her husband’s infidelity, she has to face the attacks of her overprotective mother-in-law Ryuko, large amounts of work from her unreasonable boss Kataoka Mika and bring up her son who is a spoilt crybaby. Despite the moments when it seems like her heart will break, Kanna is a positive, happy and fashionable superwoman who can overcome any difficulty with love and courage.
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1. Comments by jessiesoon [Rating: 7/10]
I really like this drama~