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Keishichou Nasi Goreng ka [警視庁 ナシゴレン課]

Drama Details
Title:Keishichou Nasi Goreng ka
警視庁 ナシゴレン課
Season:Fall 2016

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TV Station:TV Asahi

©TV Asahi

25-year-old Kazahaya Kyoko (Shimazaki Haruka) is appointed to head an investigative division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, called the Nasi Goreng Division. She is an unconventional division head who believes that an entire investigation can be done in a room and completely rejects the gShowah concept of legwork. Although Kyoko practically never leaves her room for an investigation, she is able to solve many difficult cases with her remarkable insight and deductive powers. Then things begin with the appearance of the middle-aged Ishinabe Kanta (Furuta Arata) who has finally fulfilled his long-cherished dream to become a detective with his assignment to the Nasi Goreng Division. Ishinabe is full of enthusiasm but even though he appeals to Kyoko about his strength for legwork, she cuts him off and dismisses hot-blooded idiots as unnecessary.
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Actor/Actress Cast (7)
Shimazaki Haruka
Kazahaya Kyouko
風早恭子 (25)
Furuta Arata
Ishinabe Kanta
石鍋幹太 (48)
Katsumura Masanobu
Ibuki Akihiko
伊吹暁彦 (48)
Namioka Kazuki
Takami Kenjiro
高見拳次郎 (36)
Nekoze Tsubaki
Torikai Kotomi
鳥海琴美 (35)
Koshimura Kouichi
Onoda Tetsu
小野田哲 (62)
Nakayama Masei
Asaba Shou
浅羽ショウ (25)

Cast Correlation Chart
Keishichou Nasi Goreng ka [警視庁 ナシゴレン課] Chart
©TV Asahi

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