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Ketsuekigatabetsu Onna ga Kekkon Suru Hoho [血液型別オンナが結婚する方法]


Drama Details
Title:Ketsuekigatabetsu Onna ga Kekkon Suru Hoho
Telecast:2009-02-23 to 2009-02-26
Season:Winter 2009

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TV Station:Fuji TV
Duration:4 Episodes

In many cultures a person's blood-type is also a hint into one's personality. Keeping with this concept, this drama is divided into four episodes where each episode showcases a female of a particular blood-type and how she comes about finding love.

Type A: Kato Rosa plays an OL in the accounting department of a small firm, while Nokubo Naoki plays her partner.

Type B: Shaku Yumiko is a successful drama screenwriter, pairing up with Miyasako Hiroyuki.

Type O: Kashiii Yu is a freeter whose partner is played by Taiwanese actor Wilson Chen.

Type AB: Mizukawa Asami is a university student. She is teaming up with TOKIO's Joshima Shigeru.

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Actor/Actress Cast (9)
Kato Rosa
Shaku Yumiko
Kashii Yu
Mizukawa Asami
Nokubo Naoki
Miyasako Hiroyuki
Chen Bo Lin
Joshima Shigeru
Kondo Haruna

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Comments From Users (4)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by Oba-chan [Rating: 7/10]
Good and unique Theme, but bad execution from the male character. The "A" story was boring, nothing special, and then it comes good when B, O, and AB. only 37 minutes, too short.
Theme Song: 6
2. Comments by Michikohime [Rating: 7/10]
The first one is kinda boring, but all the other are good. The music is ridiculous though.
3. Comments by irwinner [Rating: 7/10]
Not sure how accurate the personalities are but its a good eye candy show.
4. Comments by Nadeshiko-San [Rating: 8/10]
El numero 5!! 30/05/10
5. Comments by brenda307 [Rating: 8/10]
6. Comments by runpup [Rating: ?/10]
7. Comments by Mabelka [Rating: ?/10]
8. Comments by summerrlove [Rating: ?/10]
9. Comments by harusamesarada [Rating: ?/10]
10. Comments by hoihai [Rating: 7/10]
11. Comments by EJD90 [Rating: 6/10]
12. Comments by Lady Zhuge [Rating: ?/10]
13. Comments by mushroomsoup [Rating: ?/10]
14. Comments by ume [Rating: ?/10]
15. Comments by jessiesoon [Rating: 6/10]
16. Comments by yejiny [Rating: ?/10]
17. Comments by Veilen [Rating: 7/10]
18. Comments by satura [Rating: 6/10]
19. Comments by silg [Rating: ?/10]
20. Comments by lynn [Rating: ?/10]
21. Comments by marianam [Rating: 9/10]
22. Comments by arxiudramas [Rating: ?/10]
23. Comments by Ayoeish [Rating: 6/10]
24. Comments by ShinjuSakura [Rating: ?/10]
25. Comments by mammothb [Rating: ?/10]
26. Comments by Inujun [Rating: 7/10]