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Kuragehime [海月姫]

Drama Details
Princess Jellyfish
Season:Winter 2018

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TV Station:Fuji TV

20-year-old Kurashita Tsukimi became entranced by jellyfishes at an aquarium that her late mother brought her to during her childhood. She came to Tokyo from Kagoshima with dreams of becoming an illustrator. However, she avoids contact with the outside world together with a group of female geeks – Jiji-sama, Banba-san, Mayaya and Chieko – who call themselves the Ama-zu. The Ama-zu only immerse in their own world. They regard fashionable people as natural enemies and say they do not need men in their lives. Tsukimi is enjoying life when a pair of siblings enter her life. One morning, she wakes up in bed and is shocked when she looks next to her. Is that a bare-chested man sleeping there … Why a man? She begins to recall the incident the night before. 10 hours earlier, Tsukimi went to a tropical fish shop in the neighbourhood for the first time in a while, to look at a spotted jellyfish which she had named Kurara. Noticing that common jellyfish which cannot be reared together with spotted jellyfish, had gone into the same tank as Kurara, Tsukimi attempted to warn the shop staff. But he was a fashionable guy; the type of person she has a great aversion to. Even so, she summoned the courage for Kurara’s sake. However, she spooked the shop staff who kicked her out and she ended up collapsing in front of the shop. A stylish, beautiful girl who was observing the shop staff, saved Tsukimi and bought Kurara after hearing her explanation. When they came to Amamizukan, she said she wanted to see Tsukimi’s room. Then she ended up sleeping over … … Tsukimi yells out loud. The beautiful girl has transformed into Koibuchi Kuranosuke. Tsukimi’s housemates gather after hearing her yelling. A flustered Tsukimi explains to Kuranosuke that Amamizukan is like a convent where males are not permitted. Kuranosuke returns to his cross-dressing self and steps out of the room with her. While Kuranosuke appears to have a taste for cross-dressing, he actually is a handsome playboy. Shu, his younger brother, is the secretary to their father Keiichiro who is an influential Diet lawmaker, and has not had any experience with females. Tsukimi becomes aware of romance with the two of them and a love triangle develops.
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1. A New Day [Beverly]

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Comments From Users (1)
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1. Comments by EstherM [Rating: 5/10]
This is shoujo manga at its worst, exaggerated acting all the way through. It's problematic too: of course the cross-dressing hero is in reality a good looking manly man who saves the heroine. And an Indian side character is portrayed by a Japanese actress with tons of bronzer on. Hidoi!