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Megami no Koi [女神の恋]


Drama Details
Title:Megami no Koi
Telecast:2003-05-19 to 2003-06-19
Season:Spring 2003

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TV Station:NHK
Duration:20 Episodes

Yoshiko, 35 years old and unmarried, has her head in the clouds and refuses to face the fact that her real life is a bit pitiful. She books a long vacation at a rural cottage to arrange the perfect setting for her boyfriend to propose to her, but, he has no intention to marry her and, making excuses, does not show up. Instead, she finds another guest in the cottage, Ryunosuke, an eccentric science fiction writer. These two oddballs butt horns from the outset, but eventually the sparks generated by their clashing personalities light fires in both of their hearts.
This light and humorous love story shows that two very different people can come to understand each other and themselves as they unexpectedly fall in love. Viewers will surely appreciate this story of how the worst of luck can turn to good, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.
MICO Sales Division

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. Genki o Dashite 元気を出して [Shimatani Hitomi 島谷ひとみ]

Actor/Actress Cast (8)
Matsumoto Akiko
Suematsu Yoshiko
末松吉子 (35)
Yamaguchi Yuichiro
Oda Ryunosuke
小田龍之介 (42)
Tatsumi Takuro
Kitaoka Shuichi
北岡修一 (42)
Aika Mire
Oda Natsuko
太田奈津子 (38)
泰造 (66)
Kokubu Sachiko
Nakano Yuushi
倫伝 (10)
Takagi Boo

Drama Reviews (1)
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that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. megami no koi [Rating: 8/10]
very amusing, hillarious if you like the absurd yet funny type of sense of humour. the story isn't that good, plus the female's main character's character is really annoying but still i really had funny watching this annoying middle-aged obasan who wants to get married, get real love and whose clumsiness is really hillarious.
Reviewed by haisai on 25 August 2005