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Momikeshite Fuyu ~ Wagaya no Mondai Nakatta Koto ni [もみ消して冬 ~ わが家の問題なかったことに]

Drama Details
Title:Momikeshite Fuyu ~ Wagaya no Mondai Nakatta Koto ni
もみ消して冬 ~ わが家の問題なかったことに
Season:Winter 2018

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TV Station:NTV

The Kitazawa siblings are elites. 25-year-old Shusaku, the youngest, became a police officer with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department after graduating from Tokyo University. His older sister Chiaki is a competent lawyer and his older brother Hirofumi is a talented heart surgeon. Together, they solve problems, holding strategy meetings at secret family meetings. But it is only cases which threaten family peace that they do all they can to solve. As members of a well-known family, they continue to be under all sorts of pressure by their father Taizo, who is the headmaster of a private junior high school which is difficult to get into, and lead rather tough lives. One day, the first crisis since the death of their mother descends on the Kitazawas. Their father was photographed in the nude and asked for money by a woman whom he had come to like. Shusaku is shocked by this unexpected confession from his strict father. If this gets out, it will be the end of the family. Hirofumi and Chiaki try to do something even though this is against the code of professional ethics of a doctor or lawyer. Even Shusaku is encouraged to help. Sunoki Matsuya, who has just begun an apprenticing as a butler in the household, is warned by veteran butler Koiwai Rinji that he will be sacked if he divulges the family’s important matters. Meanwhile, Shusaku is feeling conflicted and beleaguered. He wants to protect his family but cannot break the law. He intends to persuade the woman and consults Ozeki Koki who is a specialist negotiator among the police officers, but ...
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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. Mae wo Muke マエヲムケ [Hey! Say! JUMP]

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Comments From Users (2)
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1. Comments by EstherM [Rating: 7/10]
If you liked Seigi no Mikata from years ago you might enjoy this. Here the youngest of three siblings is undermined by his older brother and sister. They all graduated from Todai and as the oldest brother points out have the most respected professions in Japan as per popularity in doramas, namely top surgeon, fearless lawyer and elite police officer. That means they have to cover all family scandals at all costs. It's funny if sometimes trying to hard and being over the top. But if you are looking for some light entertainment this works.
2. Comments by jessiesoon [Rating: 7/10]
Funny, witty..