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Oh! My Girl!! [オー!マイ・ガール!!]


Drama Details
Title:Oh! My Girl!!
Season:Fall 2008

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TV Station:NTV

Yamashita Kotaro was living a peaceful life as a publisher part-timer pretending to be a mobile phone novelist until two females suddenly appeared in his life. One is his six-year-old celebrity niece and the other is the little girl's stern manager. As he is forced to live under the same roof as the little prodigy, their differences soon manifest and disputes ensue. However, through co-habitation, Yamashita slowly comes to appreciate having a family and the warmth it brings, all the while developing a love-hate relationship with Takamine Mineko, the manager.

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 Kobukuro - Toki no Ashioto
Kobukuro - Toki no Ashioto


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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. Toki no Ashioto [Kobukuro]

Actor/Actress Cast (5)
Hayami Mokomichi
Yamashita Kotaro
Kato Rosa
Takamine Mineko
Yoshida Riko
Tomosaka Rie
Okada Yoshinori

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Drama Reviews (2)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Family drama? [Rating: 6/10]
Ok I watched this drama mainly because of Yoshida Riko. I first saw her in "Shinigami no Ballad" playing a boy and I thought her acting was interesting and funny. I was really sold that she was a boy in that drama.

This drama is about a spoiled child actress(Anne) who was left in the care of an aspiring journalist and novel writer(Kotaro). Kotaro had a falling out with Anne's mother who was his step sister and did not want anything to do with Anne. After the Anne's agent(Mineko) convinces him that he really didn't have a choice in the matter he finally caved in and thus begins the realtionship between the Anne and Kotaro. In the beginning the two didn't get along well. Kotaro's hatred for Anne's mother is somewhat reflected to the way he treats Anne. Anne on the other hand have to reflect on her acting skills to hide her loneliness and sometimes to decieve Kotaro. The two eventually developed a strong bond with each other that will be tested in the end.

The drama had some good points and interesting twists. Yoshida Riko certainly didn't disappoint me in this drama while Mokomichi is still Mokomichi. I recommend this drama with those who are fans of the actors.
Reviewed by sinned12 on 10 March 2009
2. Got better but still just 'nice' [Rating: 5/10]
I admired Yoshida Riko's performance and it was good to see Hayami Mokomichi display some diversity (last time I saw him was in Zettai Kareshi so he definitely got to express more with this character!) The storyline does have a rather nice twist which makes it more interesting but don't expect too much, all in all it's just a light filler drama~
Reviewed by sezling on 22 February 2009

Comments From Users (39)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by sw33t_laydee [Rating: 9/10]
Now this is a different drama from my ideal romance-type of Japanese drama. However, as you watch this drama you do get a sense of love and warmth from the relationship of Kotaro and Ann. The viewer feels a sense of empathy for Ann and you cannot help but want to provide the warmth and kindness that she deserves. This drama definitely is a family oriented one in which the viewer reflects on the value of family and the ideals and expectations of the unit. I really enjoyed this drama because I am a family oriented person. Thus, I can't help but feel for the characters of this drama. It had its comedic parts but mostly heartfelt compassionate moments that tug on your heart strings. I enjoyed the relationship of the characters in this drama.
2. Comments by nishishi [Rating: 6/10]
Not a bad dorama.... but there r tons of family doramas better than 'Oh! My Girl!!', but i gotta say that Moco and Rika really did a great job in their roles i could really feel a good chemistry between them on the other hand Rosa char didnt add much to the show. The show gows smoothly from the beginning to the end (with only a small twist in the plot). Nevertheles the story is very predictable (even the ending). Its worth watching just dont expect something memorable......
3. Comments by SayaOtonashi [Rating: 6/10]
Average dorama about a child actress with family issues and an uncle who doesn't like her at first but that, surpisingly (ehem), ends up loving her so much. Yoshida Riko's performance is great but I still don't like Kato Rosa very much. Episodes were quite the same always: funny part + development + crying or emotional end. Best thing was Furuta Arata, this man always seems to be so clever and mature...
4. Comments by x_XJules [Rating: 7/10]
There were definitely some things I didn't like about this dorama (one of the morals is that you should hit your kids) BUT it was still a really sweet show. The character development seems to backtrack a bit but the plot progresses at a reasonable pace. Story is about a selfish child actress who is abandoned by her mother and taken in by her uncle who learns how to be a good parent.
5. Comments by carina4 [Rating: 9/10]
Ohhh kawaii!!!!! Hayami mokomichi is playing a "father" for his niece. She is so anoying cute. You get to learn about a childs feelings and a parents. Very heartwarming, an inspiration on how to raise children. I'm waiting for the last episode it will be so good, hope there will be a little love between.........
6. Comments by michimaru [Rating: 8/10]
i love all sides of Mokomichi! this was a very different character from his last role, but still great nontheless. and to see him more as a guardian type figure is definitely new and refreshing.
7. Comments by marspeach [Rating: 6/10]
Overall pretty slow-moving, not very interesting show. The story was nothing special, the acting was mediocre at best. I think kids would like it though. Good for parents to watch with them.
8. Comments by SharontheK [Rating: 9/10]
Yoshida Riko is just the cutest girl and great for this part. It would be a great family movie and I think younger girls could relate to her character. My best guy friend like it too.
9. Comments by v1olet [Rating: 7/10]
Easy to understand family drama, you don't need to think much, just follow the story. Uncle - niece relationship in this dorama is very nice. Great theme song by Kobukuro.
10. Comments by aoi_dolphine [Rating: 8/10]
Still watching this drama but I like how this drama deals with the behaviour of the kids. Seriously it makes me think of how can I communicate with them more earnestly.
11. Comments by williu [Rating: 7/10]
A nice drama, but definitely lacking in depth and acting. But it's a nice story to follow when you don't really want to think to much.
12. Comments by tommy [Rating: 10/10]
funny drama, many character. parent should be watch this.
have a lot of inspiration how to hear your child / kids feeling.
13. Comments by ryouji [Rating: 7/10]
hayami really good in acting... also for yoshida riko!! there are many scenes that make me laugh!! overall worth watching!
14. Comments by nickylynn [Rating: 6/10]
A mediocre drama. The story and acting was lacking. Hayami Mokomichi was my main reason for watching...he is so handsome.
15. Comments by ct_subang [Rating: 5/10]
aaaa...moko back in action...story was kinda sweet...didn't like the kid much though...kekeke
16. Comments by Chimar [Rating: 9/10]
It was a great drama with a lot of emotions. I feel for Ann, her mother is a horrible person!
17. Comments by pinkokoro [Rating: ?/10]
watched up to ep6. it's a light and ok drama. nothing really good, but not bad either.
18. Comments by natni [Rating: 7/10]
ok la...but i think he's better when he is a robot..hahaha..the song is the best...
19. Comments by MistaNight [Rating: 6/10]
A somewhat generic show but for some reason I found some enjoyment out of it.
20. Comments by wanderingfish7 [Rating: ?/10]
Only watched one episode, didn't catch my attention to watch further.
21. Comments by chibichan [Rating: 8/10]
Hayami Mokomichi again, i love this dorama, funny also heart warming
22. Comments by henrywil [Rating: 7/10]
i wasnt 2 excited watching e series, coz a bit boring 4 me
23. Comments by jessiesoon [Rating: 7/10]
moco is so good looking...
and his niece is so kawaii!!!
24. Comments by natzumi [Rating: 6/10]
Mokomichi is great in this one. The little girl is cute!
25. Comments by octane [Rating: 8/10]
funny, warm and light...
relaxing to watch
26. Comments by chokakoi [Rating: 8/10]
Not bad, kinda interesting...
27. Comments by Veilen [Rating: 8/10]
Sweet and involving comedy.
28. Comments by jenanas [Rating: 4/10]
good acting , Normal story
29. Comments by anon001 [Rating: 5/10]
somehow it get so boring..
30. Comments by Nadeshiko-San [Rating: 4/10]
No me gusto para nada.

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Users who voted for this drama (6)
1. tommy
�J�b�R�C...such amazing drama. shown many character. if you have a time,you better try this one.
it's remains what parent supposes to be
2. UetoAyaFanboy
Kato Rosa is so great. I like this drama. Very good cast.
3. tetoots
mokomichi love!
4. misscraps
5. phanda21
6. GameChili