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Orphan Black ~ Nanatsu no Idenshi [オーファン・ブラック ~ 七つの遺伝子]

Drama Details
Title:Orphan Black ~ Nanatsu no Idenshi
オーファン・ブラック ~ 七つの遺伝子
Telecast:2017-12-02 to 2018-01-27
Season:Fall 2017

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TV Station:Tokai TV
Duration:8 Episodes

Poverty, an unsympathetic society and suspicion of neglect. Caught in a negative spiral, Aoyama Sara, a single mother, cannot stay in a job for long. She is also forced to live apart from her daughter Moe who has been taken away by her foster mother Saeko. Sara believes she can make a fresh start in life if only she has a lump sum of money. One day, she meets a woman at a train platform. This woman looks like Sara and this shocks her. But in the next instant, the woman throws herself in front of a train with a weary expression on her face. Amidst the ensuing commotion, a stunned Sara gets hold of the bag left behind by the woman and leaves the train station. She looks at the driver’s license inside the bag and learns that the name of the woman who committed suicide is Shiina Maoko. There is also a mobile phone and a set of keys … … Sara tells her younger brother Kaoru about this bizarre incident that happened to her. She ignores him when he tries to stop her and heads to Maoko’s house. Maoko lives in an upscale residential area in Yokohama. Sara is bitter about their different lives even though they have the same face. There is a photograph of a man who seems to be Maoko’s boyfriend in her room. Sara questions why she committed suicide. She soon discovers a passbook marked with 7.5 million yen in the account. If she gets this money, she will be able to start a new life with Moe and Kaoru. At that moment, she finds out through the news on the internet that Maoko’s identity is still unknown. She gets the idea to switch identities with Maoko. Sara heads to the bank, impersonating Maoko. However, she is pulled into a car by a scary-looking man all of a sudden. Not knowing what is going on, Sara tries to escape. The man shouts at her to stop. This is when she learns that he is Maoko’s colleague, detective Kinjo Tsuyoshi. There is no way Sara can pretend to be a detective. She is about to put an end to her act and makes a phone call to Kaoru. But at that moment, Kaoru has already been notified of her “death”. Sara is forced to continue her pretense. At least until she gets the 7.5 million from the bank. Once she has the money, she will immediately flee this town with Moe and Kaoru. However, that night, Maoko’s fiance Iwaki Makio who is supposed to be on a business trip, suddenly comes back. He finds her different than usual and looks at her suspiciously. A desperate Sara...
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