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Sanbiki no goinkyo (1999) [痛快!三匹のご隠居]

Drama Details
Title:Sanbiki no goinkyo (1999)
One for all
Telecast:1999-10-21 to 1999-12-16
Season:Fall 1999

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TV Station:TV Asahi
Duration:9 Episodes

Two of Japan's finest actors of samurai roles, Satomi Kotaro and Tanba Tetsuro, and popular comedian-turned-actor Tani Kei star in this period drama. Sekiya Kanbei is a man without a clan. After spending 20 years searching for the object of his vengeance, he discovers he is now a masterless samurai (ronin). Inui Sanshiro was the head of a clan until his son succeeded him, or so he says. Genmu claims to have once been a ninja. These three elderly men join forces to travel the Japanese countryside together. Along the way, they encounter situations that bring out the "warrior" in each of them, and soon they are fighting the corruption and injustices that plague the common people.

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Actor/Actress Cast (3)
Satomi Kotaro
Tanba Tetsuro
Tani Kei

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