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Satsujin Hensachi 70 [殺人偏差値70]

Drama Details
Title:Satsujin Hensachi 70
Season:Summer 2014

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TV Station:NTV
Duration:one shot

Miyahara Keisuke overslept on the day of his Tokyo University entrance exam. To delay the exam he sent a warning email to the University, indicating that a bomb had been placed in the university. Keisuke then rushed to the University, and was pleased to find the place in chaos. Due to the bomb threat hoax, the exams were delayed for an hour, which allowed Keisuke to sit for the exam after all.

Three months later, the results are out. Keisuke is overjoyed to see that he had passed. His girlfriend, Rikako is very happy for him, too. Rikako is already a university student, but due to Keisuke's past failures at the entrance exams, it has been a bittersweet relationship to-date. She is happy that Keisuke will now be a fellow undergraduate, and that their status in life are now on par with each other. To Keisuke, the acceptance into Tokyo University is a way of showing his mother what she had missed when she had abandoned Keisuke to be raised by his father alone.

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Actor/Actress Cast (6)
Miura Haruma
Miyahara Keisuke
Shirota Yu
Tanaka Hiroshi
Takimoto Miori
Mayama Rikako
Kuriyama Chiaki
Nishiura Sana
Takahashi Katsumi
Miyahara Senichi
Kiriyama Renn
Kusumi Takahiro

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