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Shiyakusho [死役所]

Drama Details
Telecast:2019-10-17 to
Season:Fall 2019

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TV Station:TV Tokyo

The first place that departed souls visit is the Death Office. This office determines the destinations of those who have died of various reasons such as suicide, murder, illness and accidents. Shimura (Matsuoka Masahiro) is a staff at the Death Office’s General Information Desk and he treats the endless stream of dead people who show up with feigned politeness. They range from those who accept death to those who do not grasp reality. Their behaviour while they were alive is revealed by their application forms. The innocent go to heaven while the guilty go to hell. In fact, the staff (Kuroshima Yuina, Kiyohara Sho, Matsumoto Marika, Denden) of the Death Office have a secret. Why do they end up working in this place after death? And what is Shimura’s secret past?
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Comments From Users (2)
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1. Comments by EstherM [Rating: 7/10]
Initial thoughts about this office responsible to manage the afterlives of the deceased were that it looks cheap, is probably full of tearjerker cliches but it stayed interesting (partially because episodes are short at 30mins) and even changed in surprising ways at episode four. A second season could work and I would watch it.
2. Comments by Eyeyore [Rating: 7/10]
A government office? It will be so sad if we still need a Q number after death.