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Tamagawa Kuyakusho of the Dead [玉川区役所 OF THE DEAD]

Drama Details
Title:Tamagawa Kuyakusho of the Dead
Tamagawa Ward of the Dead
Season:Fall 2014

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TV Station:TV Tokyo
Duration:12 Episodes
Super natural

16 years ago, there was an occurrence of zombies in western Mexico. They rapidly spread around the world through the transmission of a virus. The world was thrown into panic with the appearance of the first zombies, but because their movements were slow and they were also feeble, zombies were not commonly perceived to be such a threat and their existence became an everyday affair.

In Tamagawa ward in Japan, there is a special welfare division where all the defective staff members from other divisions have been transferred. The primary responsibilities of this division are to manage and capture special insurance subjects (residents carrying the zombie virus or zombified residents). Akaba Shinsuke is one such staff member, but he is in no way motivated. In his 25 years, he has had no one to call girlfriend and leads an uninspiring life. However, one day, a girl with the looks of an idol and skills of a martial artist is assigned as a rookie...

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Actor/Actress Cast (10)
Hayashi Kento
Akabane Shinsuke
Chiba Masako
Akabane Midori
Matsuzawa Kazuyuki
Akabane Shinishi
Hirose Alice
Tachibana Rin
Kaneko Nobuaki
Koda Kenji
Takahashi Tsutomu
Okawa Tsuyoshi
Katagiri Jin
Tanokura Kei
Tabata Tomoko
Sasaki Miwa
Kondo Koen
Sasaki Naohiro
Furutachi Kanji
Omori Junichiro

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Comments From Users (1)
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do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by pash [Rating: 7/10]
Already halfway through this "Tamagawa Kuyakusho of the Dead", I started wondering how the heck I was gonna review it. Why? Well, because it is, quality-wise, a real rollercoaster: one moment you climb up high, the next you take a plunge into the abyss! Normally I am a dedicated advocate of comic relief (of course it depends on the genre, but let's simplify a bit for the sake of discussion), but here it is, for the most part, just idiotic (I'd say the decent part is, like, only 10% of it). On the other hand, the "serious" part of the story is where this dorama reaches its high points (take episode 6 as a perfect example of what I'm saying), but the fact that it is so constantly and obnoxiously intertwined with the aforementioned übersilly scenes just ends up stealing some of its value.
And that's a real pity, 'cause apart from that, the dorama is surprisingly better than expected. Indeed, by watching the opening credits one might expect one of those westernized dramas that I refer to as "Western TV series in disguise", but it doesn't take long to realize that, luckily, it isn't the case here; yes, the form might be a bit "westernized" sometimes, but the substance, the core, the values...oh, they're all Japanese, folks! Thus the deeply original (and so beautifully humane!) approach to the zombie genre...which, I repeat, without the too many silly scenes would've deserved this title a much higher grade.
2. Comments by linkhimura [Rating: 7/10]
3. Comments by Kuroi_Kitsushita [Rating: ?/10]