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Tokyo Alice [東京アリス]

Drama Details
Title:Tokyo Alice
Season:Summer 2017

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TV Station:Amazon Prime

26-year-old Arisugawa Fuu works for a design production company. She is obsessed with shopping more than romance and spends most of her salary on fashion. At the workplace she has been transferred to, her cold boss Okuzono Shinji, who is called “Iceman”, gives her job after job and finds fault in her work. This aggravates Fuu who vents it on her friends who are former school classmates. Haneda Mizuho is a budding manga artist and has just broken up with her boyfriend. Sakuragawa Rio who practises psychosomatic medicine, is popular but has no interest in dating anyone. Well-off Enjoji Sayuri meets prospective marriage partners every week or so. One day, Sayuri tells them that she has decided to get married and proposes living in Daikanyama to have fun that will last her a lifetime while she is single. Fuu and Mizuho also share the apartment. Then Fuu is asked by Sayuri to go for an arranged introduction on her behalf. Fuu meets the son of the family which owns Nissay Corporation but he turns out to be Odagiri Shun who works in the same department at her company. The two of them start dating and Fuu feels as if she is in a dream every day. Rio is stalked by a younger male nurse Izumi Atsuto and flatly tells him that he is a nuisance. In fact, there is someone Rio likes and her feelings are not reciprocated. Sayuri says she wants to enjoy romance and sex with many men before marriage. One day, Fuu finds out that she has spent too much on shopping and cannot pay her rent. Sayuri tells Fuu that they can call it even if she introduces a good man to her. And so, Fuu introduces Okuzono. But when she witnesses Sayuri bring him into her room...?!
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