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Todome no Kiss [トドメの接吻]

Drama Details
Title:Todome no Kiss
Kiss that Kills
Season:Winter 2018

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TV Station:NTV

Handsome Dojima Outaro, who goes by the professional name Eito, is the no. 1 host of the host club Narcissus in Kabukicho. He makes females swoon with false love. But once they run out of money, he carelessly tosses them away. He is a scumbag with a distorted perspective on love even though he looks like a kind gentleman. Outaro appears to lead a lavish life. However, he pinches pennies and lives simply because he needs a lot of money for some reason. On Christmas Eve, Outaro hears from a fellow host Osanai Kazuma that Namiki Mikoto, the daughter of a hotelier whose assets are said to be worth 10 billion yen, has come to Narcissus. He sets his sights on Mikoto who will be a suitable source of money. However, when he goes to the gents, a scary woman with red rouge shows up. She steals a kiss all of a sudden. He is immediately stricken with breathing difficulties, full-body seizures, and heart palpitations until finally, he dies. When Outaro regains consciousness, a familiar scene from a week ago is right in front of him. The recurring feeling of deja vu from situations he has already experienced confuses him. He tries to take a different approach with Mikoto this time. But he once again dies from this unpredictable, elusive woman’s kiss. Each time this happens, time loops back. On the third Christmas Eve, Outaro flees from her surprise attack. In the morning, Nezu Koichi from a detective agency appears at Outaro’s apartment and he is informed that his mother had asked Nezu to search for his younger brother Kota. In fact, Outaro had a traumatising accident in the past. 12 years ago, he took Kota and snuck onto a Christmas cruise on the cruise ship Prometheus which his father captained. Unfortunately the ship capsized and the boys were caught up in the accident. He does not love anyone as a result of this incident, and is an aloof person who only cares about social climbing … … On New Year’s Eve, Outaro and Kazuma succeed in attending the Namiki family’s horse riding club party. Outaro learns that Mikoto is being forced into an arranged introduction for a strategic marriage. In the midst of this, Mikoto’s older brother Takauji saves Outaro from an attack by a rampaging horse at a stall in the stable. Outaro steps into the social circle gathered around the Namiki family. As a host, he is despised by the high society people including Mikoto’s childhood friend Hasebe Hiroyuki, the son of a distinguished family, and Hotei Michinari, a member of the horse riding club. But this is his chance to get close to Mikoto to attain wealth and power. However, the woman who kills with a kiss appears as if to hinder him. As time loops back again, Outaro confides his experiences to a street musician Harumi Ittoku who helped him run away from her. Harumi says Outaro’s experiences are time travel. Who is this mysterious woman and what is her objective for relentlessly hindering him?
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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. Sayonara Elegy さよならエレジー [Suda Masaki 菅田将暉]

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Comments From Users (5)
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1. Comments by EstherM [Rating: 9/10]
This is the third time travelling drama I am watching this season, together with Erased, which was great (and probably of better quality than Todome if I'm honest) and Repeat, which is on the low budget side. Todome was my favourite because the story moves super fast and changes direction every other episode - this works in favour of the drama because you don't have time to think about plot holes or time travelling paradoxes. The entire cast is also easy on the eye, and our two main characters not too bad at acting (the secondary actors, Mackenyu and ArataY, are not that skilled). It's a highly addicting and entertaining mix of action, mystery, romance and drama, albeit too much use of flashbacks. I had a few concerns about ethics and how women (Mikoto and Saiko mainly) were treated but to my surprise these were positively resolved in the final episode. Can we have more dramas like this please? Oh, and there is the Todome no Parallel series - these funny 10, 15m side-episodes follow what happens in the timeline after the kiss - not a must watch except for episode 1 (Eri Fuse!) and episode 10, which opens up the possibility for a season 2.
2. Comments by junny [Rating: 6/10]
Okay drama. Kadowaki Mugi is solid as always.
3. Comments by jessiesoon [Rating: 8/10]
Everyone is so good looking in the drama.
4. Comments by lunelle [Rating: ?/10]
great ost
5. Comments by daniela [Rating: 8/10]