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Ima kara Anata o Kyohaku Shimasu [今からあなたを脅迫します]

Drama Details
Title:Ima kara Anata o Kyohaku Shimasu
May I Blackmail You?
Telecast:2017-10-15 to 2017-12-17
Season:Fall 2017

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TV Station:NTV
Duration:9 Episodes

Handsome Senkawa Kanji (Dean Fujioka) is a dangerous intimidator who will solve cases which the police and investigators are unable to by finding people’s weaknesses and manipulating them with threatening words. Kanesaka Mio (Takei Emi), a good, nice girl who grew up in a wealthy family, attends the department of education at university. She works part-time and lives modestly but can move money when needed. She not only refuses to overlook the slightest bad thing but will also not leave anyone who is in difficulty alone. This results in her always butting into the predicaments of complete strangers and getting involved in cases. Senkawa and Mio are completely incompatible and should not meet but they get caught in all sorts of cases from bank transfer scams to kidnappings.
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Comments From Users (1)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by Sakebitosan [Rating: 7/10]
[Currently - Jan 2021 - available on Viki as "May I Blackmail You?"] This is an unusual setup - a guy who's expert at blackmailing people, but who does it against villains to right wrongs.

The story is interesting and takes some nice twists and turns along the way and the characters are well drawn. What I didn't care for is that the ending is a little ambiguous - likely to set up for possible new seasons - and paints Yakuza mobsters as semi-good-guys.

An entertaining show, but a lousy ending.