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Koufuku no Ouji [幸福の王子]


Drama Details
Title:Koufuku no Ouji
Telecast:2003-07-02 to 2003-09-10
Season:Summer 2003

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TV Station:NTV
Duration:11 Episodes

The Oscar Wilde fairy tale on which the drama is based is about a gold-plated statue that gives away its valuable coating to help people in need. However, in this version the hero, Shuhei (Masahiro Motoki), is neither a statue nor a prince -- unless, of course, you consider the scion to a wealthy family that owns a large hospital a kind of prince. Shuhei doesn't, though explaining this would give away the story, which is told in flashbacks. In the opening episode, broadcast last week, Shuhei, with white hair, a large scar on his neck, and speech patterns more appropriate for an 8-year-old, walks into the office of a loan shark and shoots everyone dead. He then walks out and is himself shot by policemen. He is brought to a hospital where he remains in a coma while a teenage girl named Mayu, who requires a heart transplant, is given good news by her doctor, a young man named Ryosuke. Ryosuke was once Shuhei's best friend, and in this week's installment he starts telling Mayu Shuhei's tale, about how he wanted to study music and marry a young cellist named Umi (Miho Kanno), but that his family insisted he become a doctor and take over the family business. They even found a different bride for him.
Japan Times

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. Drawing [Mr Children]

Actor/Actress Cast (6)
Motoki Masahiro
Kanno Miho
Ayase Haruka
Sakashita Chiriko
Imori Miyuki
Watabe Atsuro

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Drama Reviews (3)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Pretty Crazy, I just don't know.. [Rating: 9/10]
The first episode is just nuts if you can get through the whole episode. After that the story unfolds itself and everything in the first episode makes sense. If you like these actors you'll figure they all acted crazy, boke, or maybe had amnesia once or more in other dramas so their characters in the show ain't that bad. I think anyone who experienced what happened to Shuhei would get premature grey (white hair) but other than the writers went a little overboard into the crazy territory.
Reviewed by moku999 on 11 November 2003
2. Not too bad after all [Rating: 9/10]
Miho Kanno is the reason I'm bought this set box. The cover looks lot kinkier and goofy than the quality of this drama.

The series started off quite unexpectedly with hidden plots. A very nice drama that grows on you as you progress further. I have yet to finish watching but it thrilled me every moment.

A very good production.
Reviewed by Scarlett on 21 August 2006
3. Love the Casts! Superb Acting! [Rating: 8/10]
I think this drama has a very interesting yet tragic plot however too many flash backs of the past can be tiring. The title itself is contradictory. After watching it, I have a totally new meaning to happiness. So go on and try it!
Reviewed by serenne on 26 November 2003

Comments From Users (7)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by zebracookie [Rating: 5/10]
ARGH I wanted to punch Ryosuke in the gut. Hated him so much. This series was hard to watch. Selfish, evil people...sadness, dying everywhere. I didn't know what to look forward to in the next episode it was so darn sad. I can at least say the story was well told.
2. Comments by Sun_Shang_Xiang [Rating: 9/10]
This is totally absurd, how can any body be that unlucky,that being said I love this. Great performances from all three main characters especially Watabe Atsuro.
3. Comments by russia [Rating: 9/10]
the happy prince

super story, lovely classical piece, excellent actor motoki
4. Comments by ct_subang [Rating: 7/10]
this is such a sad story....Abe in his most cruel role ever!!
5. Comments by Kendesu [Rating: ?/10]
Seems like from the start it's a serious seriou drama.
6. Comments by unknowndevices [Rating: 7/10]
underprocess of watchin it...
7. Comments by aik0 [Rating: ?/10]
8. Comments by aquafeenix [Rating: ?/10]
9. Comments by serenne [Rating: ?/10]
10. Comments by darkflame21 [Rating: ?/10]
11. Comments by hill383 [Rating: ?/10]
12. Comments by Bsalez [Rating: ?/10]
13. Comments by gakkuken [Rating: ?/10]
14. Comments by kpeebles [Rating: ?/10]
15. Comments by lynn [Rating: 9/10]
16. Comments by orange1806 [Rating: ?/10]
17. Comments by lzydata [Rating: 5/10]
18. Comments by clcs85 [Rating: 4/10]
19. Comments by CHARA [Rating: 9/10]
20. Comments by qiqi_16 [Rating: ?/10]
21. Comments by cheese [Rating: 6/10]
22. Comments by michi_shann [Rating: 8/10]
23. Comments by yejiny [Rating: ?/10]
24. Comments by Kamitzu [Rating: 8/10]
25. Comments by thtl [Rating: ?/10]
26. Comments by maui [Rating: ?/10]
27. Comments by glay0428 [Rating: ?/10]
28. Comments by Japanesedoramadvd [Rating: ?/10]
29. Comments by teng_chelsea [Rating: ?/10]
30. Comments by azarname [Rating: ?/10]

Users who voted for this drama (1)
1. Scarlett
This series grows on you. The story is unpredictable though it involves lots of flashback. Worth watching and I applauded the script writer for this rather unusual production. It allows the audience to think out of the box.