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Mukodono MV - Hitoribocchi no Habrush :: Video
Mukodono MV - Hitoribocchi no Habrush

Duration: 04:40
Rating: Not available
Views: 93,792

A music video I made a few years ago to my favorite drama, Mukodono (sometimes called "My Husband" or "Son-in-Law"). Subtitled in English. In regards to the translation: My translations were meant to match the lyrics syllable for syllable as much as possible. It's a technique when translating songs. Keeping the spirit of each line in the song intact was given more importance than exact translations. Also, the line "歯ブラシはいつものように鏡の前*二個*並んで" made translating the 一人ぼっち in the title as "alone" or "lonely" awkward. The song itself is not talking about the toothbrush's feelings. It's talking about someone reacting to seeing a pair of toothbrushes - one of which was left by a former lover. The one that is lonely/alone isn't the toothbrush (it still has the other toothbrush!). It's the person singing. If you think of 一人ぼっち to have "の時" understood, then the title makes sense.

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